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Not sure where to begin?


I never thought I'd find myself researching what anxiety is. What the symptoms, treatments and causes of it is. I am still a bit lost in how I got to where I am today, but I have definitely realized I need help and I need to communicate with others who are going through the same thing. My thoughts run through my mind faster than my emotions can even catch up. Once a negative thought starts it keeps going and going. It feels like 101 negative thoughts are running through my mind and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I lost complete control and the panic attack begins to happen. Last year 2017, was an extremely difficult year for me and flashbacks from certain situations that occurred continue to play back in my mind and that is what begins the outburst of negative thoughts and feelings that lasts for hours or even ALL DAY. Has anyone else felt this? I am not sure what to do who to talk to. I am just tired of feeling out of control and helpless.

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you’re not alone, I’ve had days when I have an anxiety attack and don’t know what triggered it. It’s really frustrating when you feel like there’s something wrong whether it be with you or something around you and not knowing how to fix it is the worst possible feeling in the world. I suggest finding someone who you trust to mention this too and just have the be there and know when you’re going through something. It can be anyone and I know it’s hard to find someone but sometimes the perfect person has been there all along and you’ve been too afraid to open up that you haven’t noticed.

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I think what is most frustrating right now, is that I do not know where or why this is occurring now. I feel foolish dealing with this now when certain events and thoughts that are causing my anxiety happened last year. is that normal? I have a friend who I have been talking to about it, I just feel scared to talk to much about it and my friends/family not understand and get annoyed with me. And I constantly am overthinking that and it causes me to not want to open up about it.

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It sounds like you have ptsd about something that happened in your past, I have been struggling with something that happened as well and it happened over three years ago. I have been talking about it to cope because if you don’t talk and keep it inside it’ll only eat u up inside. In the begin talking about it was really difficult I had a few attacks but it’s been getting easier. Don’t worry about annoying anyone, if you truly trust them then explain to them how it affects you and how you’re worried it’s bothering them.

Hello, welcome to the site. For me, it's the only place where I can find people who can relate with what I'm going through. Private message mr if you ever want to talk.

it sounds like u also have ptsd. Educate urself on what ptsd is. U have alot of shit going on from the past that u need to make peace with before u can even start to get better. Work on the ptsd first before u work on the social anxiety. After that i suggest u starting working on ur mind. Right now u have no control over ur mind and ur mind is beating u down. Positive affirmations is great and mindfulness and meditation and breathing exercises is great. Yoga even. But u have to be dedicated and work at it every day like a job. We as people with disabilities have to work so much harder than a normal person. But pray that God gives u the strength and motivation to continue to work hard and everyday at it. Try and replace ur negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Tell urself that u went thru all those things so that u can understand others who are going thru similar things as u and now u csn help others which is giving back and paying it forward. Distract ur mind also. Dont let it ruin ur day anymore. Tell urself and belive in urself that u are stonger than ur thoughts and that u control what thoughts stick and what thoughts u want in and block the negative thoughts. Distract urself when negative thoughts start to empower u. Put on earphones everytime a negative thought starts to come thru and drown it out with soothing beautiful musoc or hsrdcore music whatever u like. Start to do a silly dance to music if u have to. Just start dancing. Or go for a walk amd take in beautiful nature screnes. I like to distract my mind with artwork. Im not an artist or an art major but is till try and it brings me this peace and calmness that helps me not go into panic mode. I love to adult color with gel pens, bullet journaling is this amazing new thing, i write in a diary or even write every thought that comes to mind good on one page and bad on a other page and see what u write. Maybe something in ur thoughts is trying to tell u something or tell u that u need to work thru this before it goes away. Or u can just write ur bad thoughts that come to mind and then burn it or wrip it up. Bit keep the pages of ur good thoughts and re-read them daily so u can start to fill ur mind with positive thoughts.

And then as u start to get better make sure u come on here and post all the things that u did to help u so that u can give back and pay it forward and help others. Sometimes when i have alot of anxiety i like to come on here and just start reading other peoples posts and comments and i learn so much and i comment and tey snd help others which also helps me. Then i see that i am not alone and that brings me a sense of peace and comfort. Your doing it though. U came on here so obviously u are working hard at fixing ur condition which is awesome. Goodluck and im here if u ever need to talk. U can actually message me thru here. And we can talk personally. I hope i helped.

Thank you so much for your response! Thank you for your advice and for sharing what has worked for you. I really liked the idea of listening to soothing music and doing something artistic. I never really considered doing art, considering I, myself, am not an artist or art major. But I feel like this would be something that could really help me. I will try it and definitely post a new entry of how it worked for me. This is the first time i have accepted the fact that I have a problem and the first time i have sought out help and researched about anxiety. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post and responding, it makes me feel more optimistic!

Hi pjs, Yes I understand and have been there! I researched what would help and this is what I found, and have experienced tremendous healing from anxiety with these things: I take magnesium and ginseng to calm my body, mind and soul. They also get rid of those sticky negative thoughts and feelings that get me down. Yes, they really work. There are so many things to help us on this earth. Also, I get outside, breathe deep in creation, touch the earth and look at the stars. That helps me remember the bigness of life and the constant faithfulness of it all. Also I meditate on wise words and stretch myself thru learning, art and groups like meetups, studies and classes. Anxiety is so much more a problem than it used to be, some of spiritual, some of it physical. <3 Lifting you up to the Maker for peace and joy! Please try these, starting with the mag. and ginseng, and let me know how it helps you too!

Thank you so much for sharing with me! I really appreciate any type of feed back or suggestions I can try to begin trying to find something that helps me calm this anxiety. I have noticed that simply being outside and breathing as helped, especially with the negative thoughts the circulate my mind. Some days have been harder than others, but there is a type of peacefulness that comes from just being outside and breathing. I will definitely try the mag and ginseng!

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