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You know you're in trouble when...….lol


Howdy one and all! Brian here. Well, went to see the orthopedic oncologist today. I have a grade 3 sarcoma (don't ask me to pronounce it's name. I don't even remember it lol), which means it's a very aggressive form of cancer. However, after looking at my MRI of my right groin and the CAT scan of my chest, the doctor said that the cancer hasn't spread yet. Aside from a few lymph nodes in my right groin and thigh that look a little questionable, he found nothing else out of the ordinary. So, on Monday (July 2), I go to see the radiation oncologist to set up my treatment regimen. I'm going to be going through radiation therapy 5 times a week for 5 weeks (25 total sessions). Luckily, no chemotherapy is needed at this time. Then, next Thursday (July 5), I'm going to have an ultrasound done of the questionable lymph nodes as well as see a plastic surgeon (why one of those I have no idea) for a consult. I should start radiation treatment as early as next week, or by Monday, July 9 at the latest. After the radiation therapy (if you can call it therapy lol), then the doctor coordinating my case will bring me back in to see how my skin is reacting to the radiation. If it's in good shape, then we'll schedule surgery to remove the tumor almost right away. If my skin is reacting poorly to the radiation, then I'll have to wait 2 to 4 more weeks before they can operate. Once everything is squared away, I'm going to be having regular visits with this doctor for the next 10 years. Yep, you read that right. Ten years. So, all in all, not exactly great news, but not horrible news either. But, I can deal with it. I'm very optimistic and I'm gonna knock this thing's lights out :) Thank you everyone for being here for me and listening to me. Believe it or not, I really care about you all and I feel very up about the future. :) If I can beat this, then every single one of you can beat your own personal demons.

Who'll stand up with me and fight?? :)

Your friend,

Brian :)

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I'll stand with you! You have a great attitude. Keep the music with you, it's a powerful tool!

You will beat this!

I'll be here for you if you need to talk!!!!


Thanks Leigh! It's much appreciated! :)

You're welcome!

You have a great attitude brian

Will be praying for you.

Always keep your fighting spirit!

bridder01 in reply to IcanIwill

You bet I will! :)

Don't give up or in Brian. Adapt, Improvise and Overcome. Good luck Buddy!

Thanks Rider! :) To quote GalaxyQuest:

'Never give up! Never surrender!' lol

Yeah brother I'm right here beside you. Your mental strength is incredible. I myself wish I had that optimistic mindset. But no more negative thoughts. It's time to get battle ready right? Every thought and every word I speak will be used to overcome the enemy. I very much wish you all the good things in life my friend. Your determination will pay off for better in the end.

Thanks Eduardo! You can overcome anything if you set your mind to it. And if your mind is being confrontational, tell it go take a long walk off a short pier lol :)

😁Love your way of thinking.

Me too! It’s incredibly astonishing!

You have an unbelievable positive attitude! Good for You! You'll be in my thoughts Nd prayers and yes I'm standing up with you along with all the other members on here. Hi hip hurrah!

bridder01 in reply to Jamie2018

Thanks Jamie! :) Keep calm and carry on! :)

Fighting!!!!!!!And praying for you Brian as you fight!!!!!! Your docs best be taking excellent care of you. You are such a caring person and deserve great things and I believe that they will come to you. I’m trying to imagine how it would feel if I were in your shoes and well its difficult to even try to imagine that so far but it must be intense and challenge the way you have been seeing life I imagine. Well sorry if I’m rambling a bit. I sincerely would like to be there for you and to listen any time. And you can always pm me any time too.

bridder01 in reply to Starrlight

Thanks Starrlight! :) Same goes for you! :) You can do anything you set your mind to. And if it's acting screwy on you, tell it to sit down, shut up and hang on because you're gonna tear the wall down! :)

Starrlight in reply to bridder01

😆 ok will do haha!

I am glad things are moving along rapidly and the waiting is just about over. My take on what you said is that the outcome is likely to be positive. Needing checkups for 10 years is great. xx

bridder01 in reply to b1b1b1

Looking forward to the future! :) Glad you're all here for support :)

Your strength is so inspiring and that cancer is in for a beating!! You are one of those people who change the world and you’ve started with us and we thank you. It’s an honor to know you and be changed by your courage and freed by your freedom. If we could take this all away we would. Maybe we all have these challenges for a reason. They mold us into better people. Glad to hear the cancer hasn’t spread. Knock it out!! Hit it with that radiation and give it a good punch in the face. It’s got no chance. Walking with you through this and hopefully becoming more like you in the process!

It won't know what hit it lol. I'm grateful for you Lisa and everyone here. Together, we can beat anything! 😀

I'll stand with you cause your standing with me. :)


Thanks Sky! If you ever need a friendly ear, I'm here to listen ☺

You can beat this. And we all here will cheer you on along the whole way. You have my support 100%

bridder01 in reply to Vonnah

Thanks Vonnah! You have my support yoo! 😀

Praying for you!!!!!’

Thanks Lamb! 😀

Brian, when you need a friend, I'll be there

When you need a hand to hold, I'll be there

And when you need someone to talk to

I will listen with my heart and not my ears.

My best to you, today, tomorrow and always x

bridder01 in reply to Agora1

That's really sweet Agora! That goes double for you! 😀


I shall stand with you. You the man.

bridder01 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Here! Let's do this! 😀


Love your positive attitude! I’m sure you will fight this and win!

bridder01 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Alice! 😀


Brian, every good wish to you my friend.

Your attitude is inspiring.

You have a lot of us standing with you.

🌺🌼🌺🌼 xx

bridder01 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Olivia! 😀

Brian! You are a hero to me! I wish you the best! You are In the preyers of us all. Stay strong!

Thanks Blossom! 😀. Not sure that I'm a hero,. Just someone who never gives up ☺

Not giving up is an extreme effort and battle. For me it’s definitely heroism. I really really really admire!

I’ll stand with you too!! You have great courage & attitude !! All the very best 🌈⭐️🙏🏻

bridder01 in reply to Miss-P74

Thanks P-74! 😀


I’ll pray for a successful surgery!

Keep us updated

bridder01 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Meow! Of course I'll keep you guys and gals updated! 😀


I'm right by your side! You have the perfect attitude!!! I'm proud of you & the way you're facing this adversity!!! Be gentle & kind to yourself! Lots of love & hugs!!! XXX

bridder01 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Lisa! 😀

Hidden in reply to bridder01

For you......Anything!!! Love & Hugs!!!

I'll stand and send out a shout Brian. Keep that sense of humor- it makes you even more unique and powerful! We're here.

bridder01 in reply to gogogirl

Thanks Gogo! Humor, after all, is the best medicine! 😀

What an amazing attitude you have. You are sure to beat this and I'm rooting for you.

Thanks Jule! Never give up! Never surrender! 😀

What an amazing attitude you have. You are sure to beat this up. I'm cheering you on.

Brian, I love your acceptance and positive attitude! I agree, its not good news but could be worse I guess. I don't know you well cause I'm relatively new on here but I certainly am hoping for the best for you. Keep us up to date as you go thru your treatments. God Bless and heal you.

bridder01 in reply to Lyn842

Thanks Lyn! Welcome to the community! 😀

Brian i am familiar with radiation therapy. My mom had 10 sessions each for two separate conditions. She came through with flying colors only because her attitude was exactly like yours....Positive all the way. The people at the place were amazed because she was always smiling and never complaint about anything. I wish you the best because you deserv everything that you hope for.

Thank you so much Lisa! You deserve everything too! :)

I’m in !! You’re going to beat this. Your positivity is contagious!!!! All

The best here for you

bridder01 in reply to Marielle1

Thanks Marielle! If I can do this, you can beat anything too! :)

You are amazing for having a positive attitude and fighting! Good for you! Praying for you!

bridder01 in reply to Jwire

Thanks Jwire! :) Keep on rockin' :)

Hope it all goes well brian. I didn't have cancer i had brain haemoragh last September it's caused me a lot but I have survived for my family so i hope you come through this well xxx 💜💜 good luck

Thanks Crissy! You can beat anything! :)

Hope so trooper we are strong fighters o f the devil illness but we fight to the end keep in touch 💝💝💝💝

Don't worry, I will! :)

Brian you are a trooper and have the right attitude to beat this demon called cancer! I am a survivor and know you can do this! I will pray for you!!


bridder01 in reply to Fluffy44

Thanks Linda! If you can beat this, I can beat this :)

Fluffy44 in reply to bridder01

Sure you can! God is in the miracle business and I know I got one and so can you! My second one came back 5 yrs after the first one so I did 2 rounds of cemotherapy! Meet so many hurting people and met a lot of new friends. The strang part is I had no anxiety during that time and that just blows my mind. I just pray it goes away now!!

You can beat this and please keep us up to date on your progress .


Imakook in reply to Fluffy44

Wow, Linda!

Thank you for your post. I'm getting geared up to help my best friend, Sharon, fight off round 2. Not positive, but her numbers are quite high. Thank you again. It gives me hope. I pray that you are cancer-free for GOOD!!


bridder01 in reply to Imakook

I'm rooting for your friend, Colleen. So long as there's life, there's hope! :)

Fluffy44 in reply to Imakook

At this moment I am cancer free

Wow, Brain! Love the positivity 💛 I hope everything goes well🤞... cancer is scary. We just found out a good friend of ours has cancer... sounds like they caught it early & chances are very good. Will keep you in my thoughts. Hugs.

bridder01 in reply to melbrown

Thank Mel! I know I can beat this :)

I just want to wish you the very,very best.Its people like you,that may be battling their own issues but keep that positive mind set that keep me going.My mother was diagnosed with cancer a few years back,and she remained positive and kept her faith the entire time.She said,she was going to beat this.It was my father and I that worried ourself sick,not her.That was 5 years ago,and she remains cancer free.You keep that positive mind set and God Bless!!

bridder01 in reply to Punk1977

Thanks for your well wishes Punk! :) I'm glad to hear your mom is still cancer free! I'm going to be cancer free too. If not, then that cancer is gonna get it's @$$ kicked! :)

Like you attitude man! You are an inspiration to me

bridder01 in reply to -Poetic2

Thanks LK! Just remember, you can beat whatever's holding you back if you put your mind to it! Never give up! Never surrender! :)

Wow, Bri-Brat! LOL!!!

Look at all the replies!!! Holy SH**! You are one loved dude, Dude!

I am going to help you kick C's A$$!

Although a formidable foe, no way can it avoid like 70 people's prayers & resolve & steadfast, bull-headed GRIT!!!

Love you, Bro'...this is weird, though. My best friend in the world is fixin' for a fight as well. She's had breast cancer a few years ago, went through surgery & treatment. She has been doing good, but just found out that her counts are high, so she'll have a CT scan to make sure it's not back. If so, we're ready for a fight, man. I happen to be fired up already Brian! I need something to beat up & focus on so that I can get off the pity-pot! I'm getting a bit disgusted with myself. At least I finally took a shower today. Can barely remember last time I did that!! Yowzers!

You just get better, ok? We're with you!

By the way, name is Colleen. But I'm a kook for sure!!!

bridder01 in reply to Imakook

Nice to meet you Colleen! :) Hey, nothing wrong with being a kook :) I'm just a big ol' nerd myself :)

Imakook in reply to bridder01


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