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I have been quiet on here for a while now- been working a lot of hours and keeping to myself shutdown from most everyone which I know isn’t good, but I can’t bring myself out of it even knowing it. My marriage has fallen apart, my wife says there is no fixing it anymore and I don’t want to let her go which sends me spiraling into my hole. I have better days when I don’t have to think about my reality, and then when I have to talk to her, I lose it. She is trying to be nice about it as much as something like this can be, which almost makes it harder on me- if we hated each other or didn’t love each other or fought all the time- it would be easier than this. I’m not sure what I’m looking for right now, I guess I’m just getting it out of me as to not explode . I saw my psychiatrist last week and she changed my medicine and added a second one, so that isn’t helping the situation either.

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2getbetter, I'm glad you came here whether to vent or just let someone know what you are feeling. I'm sorry that you are going through this right now. Hoping that the medication change as well as adding a second one will allow you to see the light once more.

Come here as often as you need to. There are others on the forum going through the same hurt and struggles. We support each other through our own experiences and it just helps knowing we don't have to be alone. Wishing you well.

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