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I honestly don’t like talking negative. It’s something I am ashamed of because I don’t want people hearing me talk in a bad way, especially about myself but I have to let my feelings out if not I’ll never get better.

I feel worthless, I feel hopeless,I feel alone, I feel dark, I am scared. Scared of what I am or what I’ve become. I’m not good enough..god this is so hard to say because I’ve never admitted my true feelings...I just want to sleep for a long time.

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So beautiful what you wrote. I feel the same sometimes. Never thought I’d know such darkness too and things are not that bad but my mind is betraying me or my hormones. It’s so good for you to get that out. Take away its power a bit. Sending you a branch of hope to hang on to. There is so much to live for.

Thank you so much for replying. It’s comforting knowing I’m not the only one who is going through this, so nice to relate to other. And thank you, you’re right. I’m going to ride this wave out. :)

I know, it is so comforting to feel like we’re not alone in this intense pain. It must be part of being human. Thanks for sticking your neck out and being so honest and real. You liberated yourself and in doing so you liberate others. Choose love over fear. You’re surrounded by family if you choose to see that potential in others. Great to have a sister like you, who understands. 💚


That was a beautiful exchange with Strongheart! I too have those same feelings when my depression hits. I don’t always realize that I’m going there after all these years of experience dealing with it. It seems like when isolation takes over, I’m doomed to the pits of despair.

You’re not alone! For me, recovering from a serious depression takes sooo much effort! I have to take action to slowly turn negative into positive, initiate socialization, eat healthy 3x/day, answer the phone, go to the grocery store, cook/cleanup and most importantly, reconnect spiritually and maintain that connection daily. I usually find myself blocked from the sunlight of the Spirit during these bouts.

Healing takes time and energy that sometimes we don’t have. At least we’re not alone on our journey! There are sooo many people here that feel just like you do. I’m so glad you decided to share your feelings...see!! Action! I sincerely hope you will find peace and joy very soon! Hold your head high because you are a survivor!

Strongheartforever in reply to Hidden

Thank you tons for that. I’m invigorated by your example and fight the same fight.

RaqXo in reply to Hidden

Thank you. 😊 i am glad i let my feelings out too. Doesn’t make me feel so trapped.

I am the queen of negativity and I wallow in it often. We're all friends here. We have some of the same issues.

I want to sleep All the time. I'm in a strange marriage, have my own room and I don't come out for days.

I get it.

I have a wedding tomorrow that I need to go to so I put a post it note on my lamp that says "Be Happy."

I am the biggest procrastinator but I know once I get out of the house I'll feel better.

You can do it too!!

Think before you speak. Stop those negative thoughts before you speak them! You can do it! Wishing you all the best! ❤️😁❤️

RaqXo in reply to dee_bells

Thank you I can. It just helps letting out these emotions and to stop pretending I’m okay. Once I let the feelings out then I’m like “okay think positive”

Starrlight in reply to RaqXo

I can relate. Once we share the negative we can move in to positive sometimes. And that is s blessing when we can.

You shouldn't feel ashamed to say whatever it is you want to say letting things out usually make us feel better. And no one is worthless, try harder to be friends with yourself self love is extremely important..... im here for you 🌻

RaqXo in reply to Callmedanielle

Thank you. I’ve always been strong and it takes a toll on you especially having depression. And yes I’m learning about self love and working on it for sure. Thank you Danielle you’re always supportive.

Callmedanielle in reply to RaqXo

We can't be strong all the time hun and that's fine, whenever you want to vent im here

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