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Needing Secyrity in Self


Lately, since I got on some new medication, I have been feeling more lonely and depressed. I feel numb inside and cry myself to sleep nearly every night. I fake it everyday, trying to put on a brave face for my mom, but I wish she could know that I’m in pain, and that she would realize that I need to get off my medication, or talk to a doctor. I wish someone would understand .

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I'm sorry you're feeling this way!!!😣🌸it's good you're posting here!! & maybe You really should talk to someone about the medication! Do you feel that you can't?? if so why do you feel this way?

I tried to tell my mom, but she dismissed it as just getting used to it, because it’s birth control used to treat my pcos. She says it just all of the hormones trying to sort themselves out, but I really want to at least get a second opinion.

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Can you call your doctor and explain what you are going through directly with them?

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I may be able to. I haven’t tried that yet

Please go and see your doctor and tell him/her exactly how you feel since you've been on the medication. I know from personal experience that it took 3/4 different medicines, trying each one for a while until the right one for me was found. Try and keep positive as I'm sure once you've spoken to your Doctor,you will be given something that agrees with you!

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