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I need help if possible.

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I am 17. I need help dealing with my mental health but I am too afraid to ask and don't feel I would have the support of my family. I am nervous but I seriously need help..what can I do?

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Hi, I'm glad that you were able to reach out on this website, so far I have found it very helpful. I am also young, and encourage you to go to a trusted adult if you don't feel the support of your family. Know that you are very loved. I understand how it feels keeping it in the dark. I kept my mental health in the dark for a couple of months before I finally told someone. I happened to tell my sister, and she told my parents which was easier for me. After that, our conversations were guided, and few and far in between. I wasn't comfterable talking to them about it. Trust me it feels much better once it is out there and you are able to get the help you need.

I'm here if you need anything, help or anything.

You are so worthy! Reach out and get help, I know you can doit! I was in the same spot at 17 and I am now 45. I did not have support from my mother. She was/is an abusive woman. I had extreme social anxiety and GAD. I suffered for years and I don't want the same for you! There is help out there! THE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, a trusted friend, family friend or relative, clergy member, school counselor.........You are worth it! You have nothing to be ashamed of! This is not something we choose. You are strong!

Text HOME to 741741 in the US

Talk to your family doctor. He can explain it to your family for you.

If you don't feel your family would be responsive to you needing help....that's a tough place to be in for someone...have you talked to a school counsellor...also here's a website you may try : nami.org/Find-Support/Teens...

Hi there, I'm sorry you're feeling this way, but it's good that you reached out here for help. I too was in your same shoes at 17. I'm here to tell you it does get easier! Just keep trying and making progress...u made a great first step today by posting here. Opening up helps alot 😊

Please, answer us? We on here wonder how and where you are, if you are doing ok today? Are you? We want to talk about who you are, we can listen and never judge you, cuz only you can post us?

Thank you All, I apologise I haven't replied sooner. Thank you so much I'll take you guys advice.

I felt the same way as you, i was so scared on getting help but the best thing I ever did was getting help by telling my parents how I was feeling before it got any worse..I am currently going to therapy which is helping but i might find a new therapist or something because the one I'm working with isn't helping much but GO GET HELP!!! before its too late. 741-741 text HOME to that number if you aren't comfortable calling a lifeline just text them and they can help you a ton :) they are nice people

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