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Anxious about my dogs surgery tomorrow***(update)***


She is 10 but has damaged her ligument in her knee and requires surgery, they said it was quite a big op.

She has to stay in the vet overnight as well and man im stressing, if anything was to happen i honestly dont think my sanity could take it.

She is a rescue we had her not long after we had a pup that had to be put down due to having a serious health problem, and she has helped us heal somewhat from that time.

Its going to suck waiting around for a phone call to say everything has gone well as well as having to wait to pick her up the next day.

But stressing big time hoping it goes well.

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Omg so sorry to hear this CJ. I was a total mess just getting my last cat done and couldn't settle in case anything went wrong. Huge sigh of relief when he was home safe again.

I'm not going to say don't worry coz you are bound to. Your dog isn't old at 10 and your vet sounds like s/he knows what they are doing so he should be fine afterwards. Let us know how he gets on please. x

CJ2016 in reply to hypercat54

Will do thanks, we have to take her in at 8 tomorrow morning so im asuming the surgery will be earlyish. X

hypercat54 in reply to CJ2016

Sorry called her him. Fingers crossed and everything but I am sure she will be fine but we do worry about our furry friends don't we? Just think though when she is healed she will be able to run properly again....x

CJ2016 in reply to hypercat54

Yeah at times i feel more affection for animals then i do people, she is always there to greet us when we come in from going to the shop.

It was odd the other day when she had an xray we walked in and it was horrible was silent.

And yeah hopefully all heals well and she be back to her normal self.

Everything seems to be going on atm i have to take my parents to a load of drs and hospital appointments.

Now this with the pooch and im going away in 2 weeks flying for the first time, as it stands i cant say i am not looking forward until the pooch is all good x

Good luck- animals are wonderful. Please let me know how your dog does.

CJ2016 in reply to gogogirl

Will do 👍🏻


I remember when my dog had surgery to remove bladder stones. She had to go to a veterinarian hospital. I was agoraphobic at the time. So I couldn’t go with my family to pick her up. I kept myself busy mostly preparing things for when she returned home. I cleaned her bed and arranged her toys nice. She used to keep her favorite toys in my bedroom. It was so great when she was brought home. She was so happy. She lived another seven years.

I recently went through something similar with my 100 lb pit bull. He was diagnosed with a torn ACL. The recommended fix was to insert a plate and screws.

The surgery went fine and, after a night in the vet hospital for observation and recovery, he came home. He was a little lethargic and off his food for the next few days but by about the 3rd or 4th day, he was getting back to his old self. He favored the leg that had surgery for the first few weeks but by the 2nd week he was starting to put some weight on it. By the 4th-5th week he was using that leg like there had never been a problem with it.

A quess the point I want to make is to expect the dog to just want to lay around and not want to eat much for the first few days but to expect a fairly rapid and full recovery.

The overnight stay of ur pet at the vet is understandibly a bummer but he will be in the best hands medically during that time. Im sorry you n ur pup have to go through this but he will be all fixed and you will have had a moment to really appreciate your relationship. (u dont miss ur water till the well runs dry kinda thing)

hi this happened to my dog about 7 years ago when she was 3 years old.after a successful operation and 6 weeks rest she was running like a dog possessed.natural to be worried but I'm sure she in the hads of a good vet.


So the vet/ surgeon that done the op just phoned to say that he is happy with the way the op went,she had a wedge of bone cut out as well as a metal plate put in.

She is sitting up, but will be gieb strong pain meds for tonight then he will phone tomorrow to let us know the next step but he feels that she would be more happy being home tomorrow so will have to wait until tomorrow now.

I am sooooooo happy to hear that everything went well!!! It will be so nice to have her home with you soon!!!

CJ2016 in reply to susanjo613

Thanks and yeah its odd without her here so hopefully she can come home tomorrow.

kenster1 in reply to CJ2016

hi has the vet kept you updated on how the operation went.

CJ2016 in reply to kenster1

Yeah he phoned to say that the op went fine had to cut a wedge of bone out and put a metal plate in

Hopefully she will be back home tomorrow but he will let me know in the morning.


Former vet tech here who has done lots of these surgeries and has a CCL surgery dog at home: glad to hear she’s doing well! The first couple days at home after bone surgeries are a bit tough, so make sure she has enough pain meds for the weekend! You guys can do it!

CJ2016 in reply to Hidden

Thanks and deff will do

I think she will be OK. She is very lucky that you can afford the surgery and are getting it for her. She is a very very lucky dog. Animal surgery is quite safe and also consider the fact that it is not surgery on a major organ which would be more scary.

CJ2016 in reply to b1b1b1

Thanks lucky we had pet insurance


The pooch is home but has to be restricted to the crate for a little while,she is a little bit uncomfortable,and whining a little,but she was given a pain medication before she left the vet.

So yes great to have her home,just hate having to see her in her current condition be glad to when we can get her up and about fully again,have plenty of meds to give her over the weekend,then she has to go back to the vets on monday for a checkup then again on the 14th so that the surgeon who operated on her can see her again and have a chat with us to talk about the next steps to take in regards to mobility.


I wish you the best of luck!! You must be thrilled to have her home with you!!! XXX

CJ2016 in reply to Hidden

Thanks and yeah i am well happy,will be a long road to recovery,but least now the damage that was there has been fixed and she will recover xxx

Hidden in reply to CJ2016

That's great news!!!! XXX

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