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Anorexia as a Coping mechanism for Relationship Anxiety


Hi, I'm new here, and I appreciate any insights you may have.

I've had anxiety all of my life (I'm a 58 y.o. female). My mom had anxiety, and my dad had depression. I've had disordered eating for at least 25 years. I've noticed that when i am in a serious relationship, my tendencies toward anorexic behavior escalates.

I'm not sure what, specifically, I am anxious about; getting away from routines, being more open to new experiences (food related and other)? compromising, being more spontaneous - letting go of control and predictability?

I'm enjoying this relationship, and would like to continue to explore new experiences, and live a more relaxed life!

I do enjoy Yoga, and walk several times a week. I like the idea of Meditation, but haven't made a practice of it.

Anyway, I'm not seeing a Therapist or any Eating Disorder support right now. I feel I need to be accountable to someone, but can't seem to move forward with that. I'd like to be able to handle this on my own.

Thanks for reading this!

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I do yoga and walking to. Try they both help me. Try to find someone you can trust just to talk to when needed. I don't see a therapist anymore, but I have a few very close friends I can talk to and this site is supportive also.

Thanks "Looking.." I appreciate your ideas. My friends know about my ED, but I've never wanted to ask one to help me be accountable. I'm getting a new phone, and have heard there are good apps for that type of thing. I've thought about going to a support group meeting. But I don't think OA would be a good match. Do you know anything about where to get a Sponsor or Mentor? Thanks

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