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Hello everyone,

Lately, I've been struggling to keep my anxiety down and I can't do anything to help it. I've tried meditating, breathing exercises, counseling, even tried smoking cannabis. But none seem to help, I was wondering if I could get more suggestions.

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I’m in the same boat as you right now and I am not having much luck either. I did go see my doctor though. Could you possibly explore other options such as medications or even see if there is a medical issue going on? Sometimes people find out there are problems such as thyroid or hormone imbalance? I’m very sorry your struggling. I’m right there with you and I wish you all the best.

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yes i overthought bout those things so i’ve been working on having a better diet and active lifestyle so hopefully that can help but my anxiety just has a funny way of being present at certain or almost majority of the time.

hey, i’m in the same boat as you right now it’s been months. nothing seems to work. no one to speak to either. i’m also new to this also, feel free to pm me.

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hello! i’m will to be the person to you’d wanna talk to, i’m all ears and hope we can help each other out! :)

Weed makes my anxiety worse lol.

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at first it did effect me but as i keep using it i noticed it made it worse so i quit

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same here but i still smoke just bc it keeps my anxiety down quicker than anything else

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Your lucky. It jist messes with my head too much.

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the oil is what gives me more anxiety so i just stopped with that


I have NO idea if this will help you, but something I've worked out that really works for me is almost.. talking myself down. While doing either a body scan, guided body relaxation or just some deep breathing (square breathing is my favorite. If you don't know, square breathing is where you breathe in for 4, hold for 5 and breathe out for 6. I love it) I make sure to calmly remind myself anxiety comes in waves. At least, for me it does. Waves can be big and awful but they will always subside. Sometimes it will be quick to subside and other times it will take a long time, but they are never permanent. Never. I tell myself it's absolutely fine to experience the wave right now, but that it won't last forever. I accept that I am panicking and recognize it WILL go away. The more I can accept it and stop outwardly fighting it the sooner it goes away for me. These reminders work wonderfully for me. I hope they do for you, too, and if not then I hope you find what you're looking for soon.

If this was helpful at all or you ever wanna chat, feel free to hit me up. :)

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thank you so much. i will try this new technique next time i have trouble with my anxiety

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So so glad to hear that!

Hi mslonely22 and Welcome to this amazing support group.

I had been a long time sufferer of severe anxiety to the point

of being agoraphobic as well. I did not have this great forum

to get me through and so it took me longer to find my way out

of this anxiety maze.

I used medication, therapy and even hospitalization at one time.

I guess like most, I was looking for an easy, magic cure. I wanted

my symptoms to just leave me alone. I wanted my life back again.

I read Dr. Claire Weekes' book on "Hope & Help for Your Nerves"

which turned out to be the "key" to Anxiety through Acceptance.

Accepting that anxiety was nothing but a lie, a negative thought

coming from our subconscious mind. Once we believed the thought,

the physical symptoms took over. If one symptom wasn't enough

to frighten us, the negative thoughts increased until we were all

consumed with fear.

All this time, the magic was in accepting anxiety and not fearing it.

That took practice since years of fear made me fall into a pattern

of being scared everyday. It was going to take time to reverse my

train of thought. Along with acceptance, I started meditation as

well as diaphragmatic breathing. Not just when I was in the throws

of panic but every single day. Upon waking up, mid afternoon and

before bed. I retrained my subconscious by keeping my stress level

low. After a while, it came automatically and I saw my anxiety slowly

fading away.

I'm free once more mslonely and you can be too. It takes time, dedication

and practice. I'm glad you are with us. We are here to support you :) xx


Wow, i am amazed by your experience and i can't believe you learned a way to control it. i guess it takes time for it and i hope i can learn as well.

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