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Coping statements for Anxiety


For anyone with anxiety, hope it helps you :),

These lines might not be always true, but they're comforting and it actually helps to have positive thinking.

1.Am going to be alright. My feelings are not always rational.

2.Anxiety is not dangerous, its just uncomfortable.

3.Right now i have some feelings i don't like.they will over soon and i will be fine.

4.I've stopped overthinking and negative thoughts before and am going to do it again.

5.It's not like it's first time, am going to take some nice deep breaths and keep going.

this will help me to get better.


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Niiiice Redfox I like!

Redfox9 in reply to Starrlight

thanks Star :)

Hi red fox I understand a lot of what you are saying but there are times when a anxiety attack can be so debilitating and frightening that nothing seems to help! What you say does work sometimes for me. I get pain in left arm and leg but it feels muscular so I pass it off going to see about it on Monday heres hoping its just muscle pain david

Redfox9 in reply to Celtic27

True, these statements works only few times when you're not THAT anxious. When I had anxiety attacks nothing seemed to work.

And actually it's reality, nothing works when you're having anxiety attacks, a few statements can't cure anxiety.

But when you're verge of getting a and d, you can give courage to yourself by saying these sentences.😅

good stuff you done it before and will again.when you feel anxiety creeping up behind you cross over and let it pass by you.

Redfox9 in reply to kenster1

True kenster 😁😊😊

Thank you for sharing this! 💕🙏

Redfox9 in reply to Salforever

Welcome 😊

Where you been friend?

Redfox9 in reply to aaronm

Heyyyyyy aaronm, so nice to see you. Too many things going on. Check pm😅

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