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My story

Continued with the last post

And few weeks later someone told me that the girl I invited at the first time ( let's call her A). So someone told me A has being talking shit about me, and telling people I'm not worth being friend with ...

And other stuff the person who told me didn't tell me details...

And I was brace that time , I asked A what's up with that.

She admitted it and she claims she was jealous of me being friend with others, and she hope to hang out more with me. And she's sorry

But she never invited me afterwards and kept hanging out with my friends, and it's liek she already brainwashed my friends, my friends wouldn't hang out with me too

I felt like my friends were stolen by A

Since that time I don trust in friendship much anymore and I was depressed

Couldn't tell my parents, because I didn't want them to worry about me

And I cried, cried everyday in the bathroom

And stayed quiet in the room

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A doesn't sound like someone who deserve your friendship and if your other friends can easily be brainwashed they'renot your friends either..... real friendship don't work that way

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Yes you are right .. I stopped being friend with them, just this is how I started to distrust people .. ;(


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