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I’ve just found this group and am excited to be a member.

I’m 67 years young, a transplanted Bostonian living in The South since 1983.

I have multiple chronic conditions which involve pain and limited mobility. These conditions have plagued me since I was in my youth to present; some were diagnosed and others remain to be.

Most recently, I was tested for HLA-B27.

I must state, depression and anxiety have been no stranger to me as I have encountered life’s harsh experiences: divorce, death of my Soul Mate, Sister, Father and dearest Uncle and Aunt in less than 18 months in 2015-2017, undiagnosed Health conditions and isolation from family and friends.

I’m very hopeful and look forward to getting the treatment to address these linked conditions and claim my life back!

A group such as this is very encouraging and most needed in today’s society. I look forward to getting to know the members, supporting one another, learning all that is available and sharing my experience and knowledge as it is pertinent to the conversation.

Have a lovely and pleasant day...Remember to be Good to Yourself (as you would to a best friend!),



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Welcome. You picked a really good spot. I haven't been here for to long but I find it very helpful. I can say whatever I'm feeling and people don't judge they understand. It's also nice to maybe say something that might help someone else. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Have for many years. As I am in my sixties I have found it harder to cope. So this is a great place.

I have had 3 back surgeries and still have terrible pain, and many other medical problems. So I kinda understand medical issues. And the depression and anxiety are no stranger. I'm sorry it's in your life also. Hope to talk to u more.😊

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Hello 01Harely,

Thank you for your reply and sharing. Knowing one is not alone is really comforting, I’ve learned through the years and it remains true as we advance in years. Baby Boomers are a breed un to themselves. We, did change the world in our hay day and thought and did have it all. It very difficult to live to be so discouraged, limited and feeling so bad...not to be able to change our condition or control it! What happened?!

I don’t feel old until my body in one way or another says, “oh, yes you are!” I refuse to believe and say “tomorrow is another opportunity” !

There are days I have slept through the whole day. My sleep gets off very easily. I’ve been awake since 2 Am. I’m working on getting on a day schedule. Pain from Sciatica, DDD in my C1-C7 and L4, L5 & S1, and Migraines are major sleep disrupters. These contribute to my anxiety and depression.

The losses I have had really knocked me down and I’m still dealing with them...too, much at one time.

I relate to your situation. Feel free to share any time.

Thanks, again for your reply and extending to me.


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You're very welcome. I felt the same as you that at one time we had it all. Then the passing of family relatives started. My mother in 2006 was terribly hard, as I'm sure your losses were. Then back issues and surgeries. The topper was the COPD, in and out of the hospital. When your older u think and tell yourself tomorrow will be better. Migraines are terrible also. Sometimes I wonder how much can we take? But we keep on going, that's all we can do. Keep in touch. Seems like we have several things in common.😊😊

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Yes, we do. I will and you, also.

Be well and good to yourself!!

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I thought I would check in and see how u are doing. Hope things are fine and all is well.😊😊

Hi there and welcome! I too am a transplant from South of Boston, Quincy, now living in Fl. We summer in N.E. so we can see the grandkids. Having limited physical medical conditions sure can add to our depression issues. I recently had a hip replacement but it took almost 3 yrs to get the right diagnosis. So 3 yrs of my sitting around going out only for Drs visits it seems took a toll on me. I'm getting stronger every day, thankfully but still limited. My stamina is just not there yet. I've been plagued with depressive episodes for most of my life. By Gods Grace and mercy He has helped me along the way. Have done it all including ECT treatments. Just saw my psych Dr for a tweak on meds for our trip north. Been having some real low days shedding tears and being agitated and frustrated. Hoping the change of scenery and med tweak helps. Nice to meet you. Love this site so far. Its active and comforting.

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Small world, yet so vast. We share much in common in addition to our roots!

I’ve been out today (less frequent than a Blue Moon)for dr appt.. it’s late and I’m hurting, so I’ll reply in more detail tomorrow. I do have appts tomorrow and Friday😱!!!

I also leave for a week visit to SC as my #3 grandchild graduates from HS. She will be my 3rd to enter college. I have anxiety regarding the travel and visit due to my chronic issues which are only now beginning to be diagnosed after years of pain and disruption of my life. Depression is part of the equation and is acerabated as time goes on.

It’s very easy to advise others to try to relax with music, etc,, but I do know it’s not easy. Talking or in our case writing to another that “gets it” can be a next best option.

Thank you for reaching out to me, sharing your challenges and connecting with an another New Englander! Have some Clam Chowder for me, lol.

I have many friends and family living in FL, from Naples, Palm Harbor, Fort Myers and Carrabelle.

Well, goodnight and until tomorrow Lyn😴Bmw

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Good morning,BMW! Oh how I know the worries of not knowing how you are going to feel physically and mentally. I am right in the midst of it now. Had a horrible night last night. Can't remember if I mentioned that I'm recouping from hip replacement which is going well but I also need a shoulder replacement! I am putting it off till fall cause cause I want sooo bad to go north. For 3 nights the pain has come but last night it was horrible. It hurts so bad all I can do is cry and wait for it to subside. Last night it took hours of rubbing a DoTerra essential oil cream, hot packs and ice packs. Now I'm really worried about the 3 day trip up and how it will be while up north. We are all packed, stopped mail etc. Too late to change our mind and don't Want to Not go. Need a break from running around to Drs ,mri's etc and so,forth. Need a change of scenery and a break from all this crap. All this to say I understand your apprehension. I hate making plans with friends etc,cause I never know how I'm gonna feel. I get it. Write when you can, my new friend.


Hello and welcome to you. Thank you for sharing what you have about yourself, and I’m so sorry for your struggles and dear losses of loved ones. 💕

I’m glad you found us here 🌺🌼🌺🌼

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Thank you Olivia. I am very happy that I found you all, too! Thank you for taking the time to respond and welcome me.


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Look forward to seeing you around 😊

glad your here Bmw....and I very sorry for all you losses over such a short period of time, and when you start reading others stories...the amazing thing is, including myself, so you are with a very understanding group in many ways...I too am in my 60's and have some understanding of what people in our age group go through trying to find our way through loss and health issues...but I'm still here and in good company....and still trying to keep getting better....this place gives you hope...and friends...and kind people to help be supportive.


Thank you for your warm and encouraging welcome.

I was hopeful this would be a relevant and supportive group. Only minutes of joining and posting, I received support and identity with members...very kind and warm.

I am very encouraged; supportive and understanding people make up HealthUnlocked. I don’t know how I stumbled across it and I am so thrilled I did. I don’t think it was coincidence...our maker does provide and puts us on the path.

I look forward to knowing you.

Have a blessed evening,


Hi Bmw

Welcome to the group! I've only been here for about 2 weeks and its helped me alot to know I'm not battling alone and I can share and not be embarrassed about what I'm going through. It's helped me to open up and share. Which is one thing I've never really done. I tend to bottle things up and push it deep down. I'm slowly learning to let things out and share. It's also helping me with my therapist as well.

I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you find the support here that your looking for.


Thank you for responding and sharing.

I’ve been going for awhile and have dr appts for the next two days.

I’m going to sleep now, I will definitely reply more tomorrow,


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