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Hi all, brand new user here.. exactly a minute after signing up I am posting... wheres my medal, I joke! Anywho enough with my bad jokes and onto why I am here and why I am posting. (You may see this exact post on other threads)

I was envolved in a bad motorcycle crash 4 months ago, I was going 60mph and a guy in-front of my on the left lane (slow lane in the UK) suddenly swerved into me and smashed me off my bike. Luckily I came off uninjured (or so I thought) and the guy was very good, admitted fault and gave me all his details. The Police attended and told me to go hospital A&E, I refused. I could feel my fingers and my toes, head did not hit the car or the road and my bike was okay. I didn't feel the need so I said to them "If you think my bike is road worthy (all that was damaged is the brake light and some minor scuffs) id rather continue my long journey home". They allowed me to, fast forward to the next day and I've got the usual aching muscles after an injury but nothing else. Lets fast forward a month and make it simple as this has been diagnosed and is now fixed, cured whatever you want to call it. I had somehow damaged my inner ear which was constantly causing dizziness and nausea. One morning I woke up (about 2 and a bit months after the crash) and the dizziness had completely gone (thank god it was like I was drunk 24/7, not as fun as you think!!) but I tried to breathe through my stomach and it felt like I was bloated, since then till now so like 2 months I've been burping every single day, every single hour, every single minute. Id also have these episodes where my heart will suddenly race and ill feel like I can't breathe. I hate going A&E but I legitimately felt like I couldn't breathe (felt the same as when I got severe chest infections when I was a heavy smoker, 4 months free, quit the same day I crashed... coincidence...). When the ambulance came they connected some machine and it showed my o2 levels were 98%. Skipping the hospital visit as nothing really happened there, they told me to go to my GP. I would get these rapid heart beating and unable to breathe episodes every day, currently having a minor one as I type but I know my o2 levels are going to be normal so I don't focus on it or let it scare me if that makes sense. Anywho this is going on far too long, sorry if I have bored you. To cut a long story short as this is a really long story!!! Doctors have unofficially diagnosed me with anxiety related to my crash, the reason I say unofficially is because they can't say until I see the Therapist and Gastroenterologist. Currently on Omeprazole and Amitriptyline Hydrochloride.

My main question is, has anyone gone through something similar and what was the outcome?

I don't see my accident as traumatic but everyone else is saying it is.

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  • First of all congrats on quitting smoking. I am trying now and i tgink that the nicotine withdrawal is making my anxiety a littlw worse.

    I felt like i was reading my owm story. I was too going through the burping and beimg gassy continuously. It is definitely anxiety for me. That has simce gone away, its like as soon aa i admitted to my self that I was having anxiety that went away. I've tried meditating and its helpful but I think that accepting the anxiety as it was helped me to get through it. I am attempting to create a relationship with my anxiety. Maybe that will help you too. Sorry to be so long winded. I know how frustrating that can be though.

  • Please don't apologise Kinganx, the more information the better is how I see it :D

    Im sure I have anxiety as I've just had another attack, just wrote a post about it as it was successful as weird as that sounds.

    Its comforting to hear someone else had the same symptoms as me as I know you shouldn't but I was googling my symptoms and it kept saying GERD.. it couldnt be GERD as theres no acid just pure air so evidently I'm swallowing too much air as my GP has said.

    With regards to the smoking, I still have the odd craves even 4 months on. Ill just take a drag on a e-cig I bought and that'll get me through it. You'll feel so much better in the mornings after you quit!!

    Thanks for your response to my post, its really appreciated :)

  • Man i cant tell you how much it means to have someone else who can understand what you're going through. I googled a bunch of stuff myself so no worries. Also i have been usingan e cig for about two years now. I've just gotten used to using the same nicotine level that i never bothered to decrease it.

  • I know dude! I have to admit I used to be the sort of person who said PTSD is just for ex war veterans and anxiety is nothing they just need to 'man up'... Man after getting a taste of it I take back everything I said. People really don't understand it until they have it themselves!

    I wouldn't let the nicotine levels bother you, my GP told me nicotine on its own is as harmful as coffee.

  • Oh heck. I quit coffee too. Man i kind of picked the wrong time to do all of tgis

  • Haha I love my coffee! Don't think I could quit that just yet!

  • Hahaha. Hey if you ever wanna talk, message me. Maybe we can help each other.

  • Thanks a lot Kinganx and same for you! Even a simple chat can help! Appreciate it! :)

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