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Hello everyone.

I just had a crazy dream. Where I injured my wrist and hand. Went to hospital where they were talking about opening up my wrist and inside of my palm on my left hand working on it. Surgery would take about 20 hours. I'd go through some growing pains at firat and rehab but it should come back stronger then ever.

I woke up and my left wrist and hand felt so heavy like they operated on it. It felt so life like. I've never had that kinda feeling before from a dream. I woke up being chased before and like breathing heavy. But it didn't freak me out as much as this.

My hand and wrist are starting to get back to normal now but slowly. I wanna say it felt like pins and needles and then got this heavy feeling. Idk how to describe it. Just crazy. Anyone else have a dream like that?

I'm gonna stay up for a little bit as I don't wanna fall back into that dream. Hope everyone is having a good night. Thanks for listening.

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Hi, Michael. I am sorry that you had a bad dream that felt so real. Your body must be reacting to some sort of stressor. Perhaps you could of slept on your arm. I have slept on my arm many mornings and my arm became numb and floppy. It's scary.

I hope you can find some soothing activities. Know that it was only a dream and there is no physical danger. Just some discomfort.

Maybe watch some videos on YouTube on inspiration or humor. It keeps my mind from drifting to negative thoughts.

Take it easy, Michael.

😻Ayla Kat

Michael8072 in reply to Ayla-Kat

Thanks Ayla-Kat

Definitely scary. I'm better now. Definitely have relaxed a bit more.

Our minds must think alike cause that's exactly what I did. Went on utube and watched some more of Bert kreischer the comedian! Had some laughs!

Hope your doing well. Enjoy the rest of your night!

Haha Good ol Bert with no shirt😆 Good comedians and their commentary make life more bearable.

I am glad that you feel more relaxed and relieved.

It is so helpful to come on here and just release our fears.

I took a Benedryl to relax. I am really considering going back on medication. It makes me sad but my GAD makes me worry all day. I can't control my thoughts. It is a sad way to live because it's hard to enjoy life.

I think I'll watch some comedy too!

😻Ayla Kat

Michael8072 in reply to Ayla-Kat

Bert with no shirt. 🤣 too funny!! He cracks me up the way he tells his stories meanwhile laughing at it himself! That has me laughing. He tells his stories real Well!

I agree its definitely nice to share and not hold things in.

I hope the benedryl helps you to relaxes. If going back on meds will help to control your thoughts and help you not worry all day sounds like a good ideal. It's time to find a way to start enjoying life again.

Yes please watch some comedy and laugh.


Hey :) could it be possible you were laying on it or had in an awkward position which then didn’t wake you but instead triggered a dream about it being worked on? I also had crazy dream last night so perhaps this stormy weather brought them on hehe! Hope you managed to get back to sleep :)

Hi starlight

It's possible that that could have happened. I usually do sleep on my left side. So my arm could have winded up in an odd position or I was sleeping on it! It just odd cause I've slept on that side and haven't dreamt like that before. Maybe something did trigger that type of dream though! Hooe we don't have any crazy dreams for a little while !


Hello Michael8072, I used to have people asking me on Facebook to interpret dreams, and I am feeling that this means that you will be going through something pretty awful but that you will, with time and care, come back stronger than ever. I hope this helps put some insight into your dream and yes I wake up with pain in the area of my body that hurt in the dream....it is so weird! LOL DO you believe in astral projection? They say that we all astral project almost every night but do not remember most of it. Usually when you do remember, it seems to have been a real experience. Maybe you should look it up! Anyway I hope this helps! : )

Michael8072 in reply to Hidden

Hi Diviny

Thank you for your feedback about my dream. :) It was definitely real-like and weird!

I never really looked into it before until you mentioned it. I read about it some and its definitely interesting. Maybe that's kind of what happened.

I hope your doing well. And thanks again. :)

I might be demonic. Sometimes they attack you in your sleep. If it was just a dream then the affects shouldn't have been there physically. But then again I don't wanna jump to any conclusions. I pray your sleep is peaceful & blessed from these night forward. Amen.


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