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Fear of being alone and dying


Hi all. I have suffered from anxiety since I was a child, I am now 38yrs old. Throughout the years I have gone through periods of bad anxiety and then I would find my way out of it. But the last 2 months have been the worst it has ever been. Looking back now I can see it was a slow build up to get to this point. But for the last 2 months I find myself terrified of being left alone for fear that I am going to have a heart attack or something. I have had myself checked out medically and everything is fine, but I still worry. Because each time I experience anxiety or have a panic attack, I think now I might have done damage to my heart again and the anxiety starts all over again.

My husband tries to be supportive, but it is clear that as a non anxiety sufferer he really doesn't understand how horrible to feels to be in this state. But I know it is not fair for me to ask him to stay home, and he can't he has to work. But I find myself irrationally thinking this anyway.

Life feels hard these days. I have a lot of physical symptoms from the anxiety and all the tension built up in my body....and I just really hate feeling this way.

I have medication and will be seeing a therapist. I'm hoping it will help, as I really want to be my happy self and start enjoying life again.

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I left a post just a few minutes ago, and I didn't have time to leave that part in. I also am suffering from that fear of being left alone. But I usually think about my husband. I'm older than you but it's a terrible praralizing feeling. I totally understand. Since I have gotten older it is very vivid. I'm so sorry your feeling this way. But it's a real job to get it out of your head. But I feel if u have a strong will you can push it aside. And my husband tries to understand and say it's not his time and I pray he is right. I don't handle things very good anymore, but I'm trying.i know u can beat this. And your at the right spot. People here understand and don't judge. Some days I can't wait to log on. Welcome and I hope u find it helpful. 😀


Welcome Stacey.

I’m glad you found us here 😊🌺🌼🌼


Hi Stacey, I’m going through a bad time myself, having a hard time just seeing the light. But keep reaching out and keep trying. Hang in there, keep going and keep growing.

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