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Fear of being on my own


I have suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life. I am being discharged by my therapist and am scared of losing that safety net. Hoping for some suggestions of ways to keep moving forward. Also need the support of people who understand. My family tries but cannot understand my feelings and irrational thoughts.

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Hang in there. Go outside. Nature is a natural medicine and it keeps your mind busy. Also stay busy find a hobby you enjoy and spend time doing it.

Mrspjsmom in reply to mallfalcon

I try to go on my deck every morning when it's quiet and spend at least five minutes concentrating on nature. Even in the winter.

mallfalcon in reply to Mrspjsmom

That helps a lot. My counselor told me to sit with the anxiety hits get to know it but after that I go right outside. Best wishes.

You can do it, one day at a time. I did it, I was institutionalized for over 11 years, began at 20, I’m 54 this month. I still get anxiety and in a strange way I think it was easier being taken care of. But hear me, show up on time, do what you’re asked and try to have a good attitude and you’re a star employee these days. Inner demons I still deal with, but count your blessings every day, and be there for others, plus we are here for you too.

Mrspjsmom in reply to Flyingdon

Thanks knowing I'm not alone helps alot.

ChavivLeon in reply to Mrspjsmom

I think we've communicated before...but anyhow, know you're not alone.

Good idea to stay present. Not let the mind wander too much. Perhaps take the things that you and your therapist worked on together and practice your coping skills each week. They are all there within you; just because you discontinue working with your therapist does not mean you cannot help yourself. I'm glad you're on here, it is a good step to take forward to garner more social support, as you will find many individuals on here have experienced similar issues such as yourself. Well wishes to you :)

Mrspjsmom in reply to Kainan_li

Have a workbook we worked together on. Will make sure I have it someplace where I can find it quickly if I need it. Thanks.

Hey. Try to remember how much power and ability you have to make changes in your life, even if a lot of the time you feel powerless. Ultimately the confidence and peace of mind that you gain from knowing you can do it (mostly) by yourself is really important and powerful. It sucks but just try to make the most of the independence

zperry4 in reply to zperry4

Also just read your other post. Yeah I’ve never had anything like that and that shit can be scary, without a doubt. I think that learning small ways to take care of yourself can help build your confidence that you won’t fall apart or anything. Other people are great to have around, even if it’s just people on here, or someone from a local group. Having someone to call, even if it’s not ideal, is vital.

Mrspjsmom in reply to zperry4


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