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The beginning of my story

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Hey! So this is my first time sharing my story, so I'm 17 years old and dealing with anxiety. Maybe other stuff that I don't even know, I have never contacted any therapist. Because I'm scared and it's just that I can't express my feelings with words or maybe I'll be misunderstood or something. Or maybe he won't even care , I don't know. Did you ever feel like this? Let me know . Thank you!

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Good morning,

I started having severe panic attacks when I was 16. I started seeing a counselor when i was 19. I never wanted to talk to a counselor as it was as though i had to admit i had a problem. I should have sought help earlier, i may have saved myself some pain and confusion.

Being scared is normal. I encourage you to seek help so you can get your feelings out. You will know what to say.


Thank you mike, but I don't know if I'm there yet, I can't talk about my feelings and I don't wanna confess to my family , they'll be worried. Plus when my friends ask what's wrong, I just freeze and start changing the subject, and then blame it on them on how they can't understand. I'm trapped inside and I can't speak or maybe I'll be embarrassed and I'll end up feeling sad

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