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Hi All,

My first time and my first post on here. I’m not sure what I’m hoping for with this, but maybe to meet and to talk with people who actually experience anxiety and depressed feelings on a daily basis. I have a partner and I have a therapist who I regularly see, but I get tired of constantly talking to them about... how I feel and why I feel like shit and how this or that is difficult and how I just want all of this shit to go away...because they don’t really get it. I know that my therapist is awesome and she has helped me so much, but she doesn’t undergo or face the struggles that I face everyday. And the same is true or my partner or anybody else in my life who I mention it to-they can’t feel what I feel everyday, and that’s not their fault. But, what it does mean is that I don’t get the kind of support I think I need right now because they don’t experience it, and I get tired of having to share and I feel like I’m a broken record who keeps repeating the same troubles because these troubles are constant and relentless. I just want to be able to vent and share frustrations with people who’s day to day life is actually hindered by anxiety. Unfortunately, it just not enough sometimes to have support from a loved one or a therapist. I am thankful for them both, but I need more. I want to laugh at anxiety’s bullshit, or be angry at it with someone who truly knows what it’s like.

My heart and my soul are with everyone of you on here who lives with, or supports someone with a mental illness and I look forward to talking with and supporting one another.



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Hey Courtney!

Thanks for your post. I’m sure we all have laughs and screams that we could share about anxiety. The other day I had a panic attack come out of nowhere and I’ve gotten so good at calming myself down so they never get bad. But after, my father (I’m visiting my parents) said “I thought anxiety was just a mind thing.” You know I went right to videos and articles and let him in on the horrors of what anxiety does to my body. He said, “that’s not a way to live”. Heck no it’s not. I feel your pain, Courtney. I’m sure you will find that we all do. It truly makes me feel better knowing I’m not alone.



Welcome, I have found this forum helpful. I hope you do as well. Best wishes

Thank you both. It’s crazy how just knowing and reading that people are in your situation and we are all united by this forum and our similar situations, is helpful and somewhat soothing.


Hi and welcome

This is a great place to share and be understood. Some really good people here, your not alone in how you feel

I’m glad you found us here 🌺🌼🌺🌼

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