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Actually cleaned today


Now cleaning may not sound like a big deal to some of you but I have been so depressed and unmotivated to do anything that this was a huge accomplishment

Maybe I was able to clean cause I’m soooo lonely that I just needed something to change my thoughts, even if for just a little bit

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What a nice accomplishment- how about rewarding yourself by doing something that you enjoy?

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I enjoy hanging out with my friends but so many have left me cause of my depression and what I went through and I enjoyed talking to my best friend/souls mate but he left me for someone else so there isn’t anything I enjoy anymore

Nothing brings me happiness

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Could you reach out to them and just say hi- and ask them how they are doing? How about family?

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Sometimes volunteering whether you work or not can be helpful as one is really appreciated.

Hey Chris

That's awesome and a big step. It sounds like you motivated your self to clean! Did cleaning help you to change your thoughts?

Oh well done that's brilliant. Cleaning sounds like a huge deal to me too as it's something I struggle a lot with and need to do as my home is the pits. x

Oh yes, it IS a big deal and I am PROUD of you!! GOOD!... My D and Anx zap me so badly it takes so much energy that its hard for me to get anything done...even THOUGH I know I would 'feel better' if I would just do it! But sometimes--most of the time--I just can't do it...but I still am hanging onto '''yes, someday it WILL all work out ok!'''

You take good care, Chris!!


I used to care about cleaning.

Good job! I’m in the same boat. What did you clean?

I deal with depression and anxiety, and some days I'm also unmotivated to cleaning. I can't stand a cluttered house or a dirty house. On my days of feeling unmotivated, I look at cleaning videos on YouTube. Sometimes it's motivating, and sometimes not. At least on the unmotivated days, I still feel like watching the videos make my house seem clean, even if it's a little messy.

Good going ! I too find cleaning relaxing. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment

Good for you Chris! You can keep taking steps every day and that will make you feel better. Also, go out on the sun everyday for 15 minutes, I think that will make you feel better. Just sit and watch nature.

Congratulations! that is a wonderful step towards healing. it gives me incentive to get started myself. thank u.

Hey, Chris! Cleaning is a HUGE deal! I can't blame all my disorganized sloppiness on ADHD, but I do use that as an excuse. I'll bet you DID TOO make yourself happy by cleaning! You sounded a little bit excited Chris...:-)

I would be a happy camper if I cleaned, so you have inspired me to do just that! You see, the hubby thought it would be nice to have relatives over for a Memorial Day BBQ. Thanks, honey! :-(

I'm just going home from a biofeedback session. All else I have going is a womens' AA meeting tonight, meeting with a sponsee after, and then I'm free until Thursday evening for my AA home group meeting. Only thing Friday is checking out a new Alanon meeting in the morning and then I've got time through Sunday to take care of shit.

So, thanks Chris (sorry I turned this into all about me ;-)! AND, if you guys help keep me keep on task (cleanimg/organizing), you'll be aiding in my A.D.D. recovery & my focus.

Hugs, ya'all!

Fantastic!! That is great. Physical exertion helps with depression and anxiety and a clean house helps to lift the mood too. Now maybe you can go out for a bit and just be around some people...even if it's just at the local store or coffee shop. Good beginning! Keep it up!


I can relate Chris. I can tell how bad I am based on the cleanliness of my apartment. I’ve tried to get to the library. Reading helps. I’m adjusting to my medications. It’s either too much or not enough. I don’t like it when I begin to isolate. Hope you’re better.

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