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What do I do?

So I’ve never really posted about anything like this but I’m desperate to talk to someone about it! Basically my mom kinda adds to my depression I know it sounds horrible but wether she realises it or not I really don’t know! I am 19 and she still controls my life, she puts me down a lot and makes snide remarks towards what I wear and how I look. For instance she’ll says things like ‘I don’t like your makeup like that’ or ‘i hate you hair that way’ and I have low self esteem as it is but she just makes it worse these are only a few examples. She dosent let me have a night life as she says I’m ‘too immature’ or ‘too naive’ I don’t believe I’m any off these but still it gets me down. I do nothing wrong I try to please her all the time but still she has something bad to say to me or about me everyday! She moans at me constantly when I literally do nothing wrong! She is the complete opposite with my older sister she is so nice to her and I get the complete opposite. I feel lost and wonder why she treats me this way

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I hear what your saying and it is really hard to deal with constant critiquing. Maybe try to talk to her and ask her why she doesn't do the same thing to your sister. And because you are 19 now, your not needing her constant input, you would like to make your own choices, and make your own mistakes without anything said about it. Tell her all you want from her at this point in your life is positive support, and that she may think she is helping you, but it's not, it's hurting you...if you love your sure to start your conversation out with that....I love you mom, but I'm an adult now and want to make my own choices how I dress, who I see, and what I do. Now I will tell you this, as long as you are under her may have to bite your tongue until you get out on your own....her house, her rules....thats a real drag but it's also the unfortunate truth.


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