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I don’t know what to do

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I’m pregnant and Idk What to do because my boyfriend says we can’t afford this right now and it’s like I’m trying to keep it a secret from people because I know they would judge me and im eightteen in my heart I feel like I can’t terminate but honestly I don’t even know it’s just like really hard it’s like a really hard thing to deal with if anyone has gone through this advice would be helpful

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hi if your baby wasn't planned maybe he should have wore protection or you taking the pill.its your baby and your life but I wouldn't be aborting but that's just my opinion.what about adoption how far on are you just thought I would ask.

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I’m about 4 weeks

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I wouldn't be making rash decisions on something that can haunt you forever.you need to be talking with your family and your boyfriends family go to your doctor together and have a talk but think hard.

It's a tough call. Your body is your own to do what you feel in your heart.

My boyfriend decided he wasn't interested in being a father when I got pregnant. So I left and had my daughter at 20 years old and raised her by myself.

Wasn't easy but can be done

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I stayed with a friend until I could get out on my own.

I had already finished school so I had a good job. I was lucky in that way

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Where did you go

I raised 3 biologicals with loving help from grandparents, other family, and good friends. All the same dad. He decided to duck out.

This is you. Talk to lots of people before you decide what to do. There are ways to make a good support system.

Your bf may decide different later. Let him. That’s if you decide to keep the baby.

All I know is you’re young but you can do this. You won’t be alone if you reach out. If people judge you then they’re not very bright. You’re 18 with a boyfriend. All of my pregnancies happened on birth control.

You don’t control other adults feelings. You have a life decision of your own to make.

Whatever decision you make you’re a brave young lady and stronger than you know. Children give us power.


Have you spoken to anyone other than your boyfriend about it?

You seem to be very unsure about the idea of abortion and have said yourself you don't think you can do it. Therefore, I urge you not to make any hasty decisions. At only 4 weeks pregnant, you still have many weeks in which you can have an abortion if that's what you decide.

You are still young and I imagine your boyfriend is a similar age. You are both apprehensive and scared which is understandable. Maybe you can't afford it right now but there are ways of working things out. Do you both work? Could he work more hours? Are there family members who could help out? Family might not be thrilled to begin with but they will get used to the idea.

It might not be an ideal situation for you at this point in time but you can't change what has happened. Try not to dwell on what you wish might be different and see if you can work this out together. Please try and find some support from people in your life and don't fear being judged. Maybe some people will be judgemental but you don't need them in your life, forget about them. Likewise, most people won't care - most people are far more concerned with their own lives.

You have to do what is best for you. Don't let the judgement of others sway your decision making - you are the one who will have to live with whatever decision you make. Remember that when deciding what to do.

If they are not people who will support you later on, regardless of your choice, they are not people whose opinions you need to worry about right now.

My opinion is to have the baby....then, take it from there...

My husband and girlfriend back in the day were faced with this in high school. They certainly couldn't afford it either. My step son is 22 now. It wasn't easy for dad or his son really with a broken family which at this age is enevitable. Your decision. Adoption I think is wonderful for you, baby and the other family.

No one is ready financially for a baby. Everyone always plans to have a baby "when they're ready". It never happens that way. If you don't think abortion is for you, you're likely right. Don't allow people or your boyfriend pressure you to do something you don't want to do. Yes, it's scary. I was a single parent for five years. Got married. My daughter is beautiful. Has her own business. If people are judgemental, it's not the end of the world. You'll survive. Prayers for you.

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Thank you that means a lot

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