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Coping with Moving

Hello! I have issues with depression, panic attacks, and PTSD. My family and I recently moved states and I don’t know anyone here. I stay at home with my son so I don’t get out much. I’m hoping to find a therapist here soon but I know that my mental health is already struggling with all of the changes. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should cope with this new life change?

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Hello, Robin. I am in your same situation except I don't have children. I wish I did then I would have a buddy to take along on adventures. I've been suffering with gad, depression and borderline personality. I have been trying everyday to get better.

I moved states as well and I don't know a soul here. The cost of living was high living in California and I had to get out. But my living situation has improved. I have a nice condo with all the amenities.

I offer some suggestions as I am going through the same situation as yourself.

-i joined this online group and found it so helpful. The people are encouraging and supportive.This was one thing that was helpful because I don't have friends nearby. Plus, finding people who have struggled and survived makes me hopeful.

-schedule activities that bring you pleasure every week. You don't have to have a lot of money. I don't have a lot of money but I look for free things like parks or museums. Or just getting a pastry or packing a picnic.

-there is meetup. Org to find people if you have same interests. I couldn't find some nearby so I joined the online group.

- I go to the public library. I look for self help books. There is a lot they offer and events.

- if you are not working. You could always join your child's PTA organization. I am a spec Ed teacher, ( looking for a new job in my town) but I helped a lot in organizing events. The parents were nice. It felt good to help the school.

- I went to the Dollar Tree yesterday. I bought some pretty notepads. I use them to jot down how I am feeling. All my emotions. What trigger it. Anything that I could do to make it better. I also write down the highlights of my day. Even small ones. I.e. Went to the hot tub in my condo complex by myself.

I wish you the best on your new life and new place. I can be your friend here. Share what you feel. There might be someone out there with great advice or you may discover something you never thought before.

Take care😻 Ayla-Kat


P.s. I have panic attacks as well. I took myself off medication because I lost insurance.

I can only do baby steps. Like travel within a 2 mile radius.

- I go to the gym

-look for helpful videos on you tube.

I am mustering up the courage to go back to work.


How about getting out of the house and go to the park with your son. They'll probably be other moms at the park you can talk to and might make a friend. Just say hi I'm new to neighborhood and ask say where is a good ice scream place or are there walking trails? etc...exercise and socialing help even if you only start with baby steps..its hard in a new place but it is also an opportunity to recreate yourself with new environment.


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