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Moving On


It's been 2 years since my world turned upside down, a car accident took the life of my husband of 44 years. We were both in the car and I sustained serious injuries as well. I was hospitalized for 2 months. I never imagined such emptiness existed, we met when I was 19 yrs old. He was a man of honor and strength and I to this day find it hard to relate to others and share my grief, because I am still trying to come to terms with my reality. I know that he would want me to continue on, but's it's hard

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I’m so sorry I cannot imagine how hard that must be.

Matti61 in reply to maslater

Thank you. Maybe I can be of help to somebody, one day.


I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband.

I can’t imagine how absolutely awful that is for you..

I’m so glad you shared here.

It helps us to share, just writing things down I find can be a help.

Two years isn’t a long time at all, and grieving takes as long as it takes. Did you consider bereavement counselling at all, although extremely difficult to talk about, counsellors have a way of getting us to open up..And hopefully it would help..

You can of course come along here and speak to us anytime.

Sending you good wishes and gentle hugs 🤗 🌺🌺 x x x

Matti61 in reply to Hidden

Thank you

Hidden in reply to Matti61

🤗 xxx

I am incredibly sorry for your loss. 🙏

Thank you

So sorry that’s so very sad

Matti61 in reply to mira99

Thank you

Sorry for your loss, it can take quite some time to get over something like this and expect to move onto pastures new.

I am in the UK and in the UK we may advise you talk to your Doctor and get some talking therapy to get over the pain of your loss and the problems associated with the damage caused to yourself as well.

Generally we have Organisations like Age Concern, they generally run day centres where you could meet other people around your own age and that may help you get over the negativity that seems to be blighting your life expectation.

What ever you decide your Doctors Surgery should have a list of organisations that may help you to move on. Be kind to yourself and understand there are many people who will relate to you and your loss, so keep around and hopefully others here will have a chat.


I am so sorry about your loss. 2 years is no time at all when one is grieving especially after being together so long. Have you any family or friends who can help support you through this difficult time? I found my local church a great support to me when I lost my sister knowing they were there to talk and pray for me. It does get easier with time although we never forget our loved ones and your dear husband would want you to heal in time. We are all hear for you at any time. Take care of yourself x


So sorry for your huge loss. We have been married 41 yr and I cannot imagine going thru that. Yes if he could speak to you, you know what he would say to you. All I can say is try and take good care of yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally. My older brother lost his wife 2 yr ago( married 45 yr). He found comfort in a grief support group. Do you have children to help you cope?

I celebrate your husband with you. 44 years is such a witness that you and your husband are good people. You know he never leaves you. I love the words you use to describe him. Now you are the product of the combination. You’ll never be alone or just yourself. You merged. Thank you for sharing him with us. I feel honored. 💛

I too am so sorry for this tragic loss you have experienced. It is very easy to understand why you are still coming to terms with this reality since it is still new by comparison to your 44 years together. I wanted to share the organization with you as a resource for you to consider when you are ready. Do you feel like you are aware of the stages of processing grief and loss?

Thank you! No I don't think I understand the stages of grief, going back and forward between emotions sometimes leaves me drained. I have avoided contact with others, because I can't be around the things and people that were so much a part of us. I know that's wrong, but it hurts to much. I didn't know I had so many tears. Thanks for listening.

kvolm2016 in reply to Matti61

oh my goodness, no, it is absolutely not wrong to be overwhelmed by all the people, places and things that you shared together for all those years. You cannot quickly or easily undo the emotional connections that have been in place for so long. This article has a simple explanation of the stages of grief if you want to read through it. Hope it is helpful!

Matti61 in reply to kvolm2016

Hi kvolm2016. Thank you for your kindness and the referral. I visited the website mentioned above, and found it to be very uplifting, Thank you again and God Bless!

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