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Today I am in total break down. Got in huge fight with my Husband and have the highest anxiety right now. I don't really have any one to call, I'm off my meds. Please help! My family don't understand and doesn't want me back on my meds.

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I’m so sorry about the fight and that your anxiety is bad right now. I have been there. Deep breaths. You are not alone! Why does your family want you off of meds?

They think they don't help and don't believe in taking them. Im crying right now, Im so alone. I don't want to go in the hospital Husband doesn't love me anymore. Please help.

Oh so sorry. It’s tough enough having to deal with anxiety let alone having to deal with a fight with your spouse.

Please if you need to talk about it feel free to do so. It might help to get the frustration out.


I understand. I have fought meds for a long time. Each time I did I fell deeper and deeper. I'm in a really bad place right now as well. Just went back on new meds after a yr of nothing. Your husband loves you but has no idea what to say.My husband has been with me through this for 17yrs. And still sometimes will say "snap out of it! " Don't be alone and speak to people that understand. Like your doing now. I feel your pain and your not alone. Keep fighting and do what you need to do to help yourself so if meds is what Is needed right now so be it.God bless you😁

Hello ,All who know me>>> It is Sprinkle 1. I am Back and meaner than ever. To catwoman 227 I am a Big cat lover, c heck out my handle, it belongs to my # 2 cat. I only got lucky and found this web site in Nov (I think). Since then I have shared, been given love and caring and apparently "Helped" others. I feel a little puffed up just now, got home from hospital this afternoon. I am tired and want to go to bed but I owe my beloved brother in England 3000 miles away (who has called and called to get my answering machine, leaving him hanging out (he is only 570 where is My Sis and How, 2nd trip into Cuckoos nest in 7 months. I realize I am prattling on but I am going to receive so many loving emails, glad I am back even though I said I felt I hit Bottom ( thankfully no suicide ideations with it,) But as you well know,So much pain, a lot of fear, not feeling loved or understood, for me so frightened, but I made it thru 10 days and came out stronger (I am 75) my 6th trip into hospital in my life, which apparently is cursed with not only depression but Bipolar !!. I am Not at my age very willing to take pills or even want to, but that brought me out of the "Hell Hole", and I do not listen to Idiots. I doubt it was you fighting with your husband, your inner self that needs love, Needs help, Needs to be understood, which most of cannot do ourselves. I say Love Your family, do not at this time be "In love with your husband, that will miss lead you. Go and find A healthy support group that know what they are doing. My Dr. got me in this mess originally, a psychiatrist had me on Lithium, short story, was taken off, problems hatched. New psychiatrist back on the Lithium, Psychiatrist came down with (unknown to me) illness, More problems, Dr. took me off Lithium again??? Down the slippery slope I went, severe anxiety, severe depression, etc., etc a Good friend took me to the new branch of Mental Health that just opened recently. As I said I came home today, I have no anxiety, no depression, am sleeping better, and being in my age group (No pills), I willingly take about 15 of the little buggers a day now. And I am laughing, eating and living. So to me, Yes we need help, but no one is going to run my life, there are some good Dr's. and those we need and have to work at finding. Because of my age the resident psychiatrist did not want to let me leave, he said he would like to find a geriatric psychiatrist, to help me, this is not a dense area, so we have a challenge, so we are tackling it.

So I say to you/catwoman 227. You are Not your illness. Be the kindest you can be to yourself. Love Yourself unconditionally. Come back and talk to us. I told about this group in Group Therapy, and apparently it stuck, I was asked about it and where to find it. There are sad to say millions of us out there hurting, but we band together, share support, we will whittle this pile down bit by bit. I send you love, support, and we are with you, we think we are along, But we are Not.

I am off to bed now after I email my precious Brother (3000 miles away) I am tired and WILL sleep.

I also send Big Hugs. Sprinkle 1 xxx ooo

I am so grateful for your kind and comforting words. I will take it day by day. I'm going to a place tomorrow that might help me. I love Cats and all animals. My daughter hasa cat,Polly. Do you have pets? Well,goodnight,my dear friend,Sleep well. Please message me tomorrow if possible.😃😴🐱

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I got the nasty virus that was going around, and I was SO sick. I am still coughing a little, saw my Dr. on Wed. she said it was still in my system. It has really knocked me over (I suppose my age is against me - my pharmacist said it was a BAD one). And to boot it seemed to trigger my brain into a down hill slide. Plus I think the hospital put me on the wrong meds. So now we are back to playing pill merry go round. I think a lot of the medical system does not know what they are doing when it comes to mental health. I hope you are doing better that when I wrote to you, that you are in a safe and comforting place. Put yourself First, you have to be well so you can be strong, take any spoiling offered, get rest and do things that please you and keep you at peace. Yes cats, I am a cat idol, I have 2 and like you Iove animals, I find them to be better than most human animals anymore. I hope you find my email, I enclose good health, peace, love & big Hugs. Your friend. Sprinkle 1. xxx ooo

Hello. I hope you are feeling better. It's been a nasty virus. Don't worry about it. I've started seeing a counselor and see a Doctor this week anxiety still there, I hate it. Hope to be back on meds soon. Get plenty of rest and thanks for getting back to me. Please keep in touch. love and Hugs😊

So nice to hear from you. Are You keeping well. I got up less than an hour ago, I still do not feel well, I ache, have a little cough and bring up nasty stuff. I am struggling mentally, I hope you have a good counselor they can be invalid. Hope the Dr. is on the ball as far as anxiety goes. That is one of my battles, we are getting me off Lithium, I am staying on Busbar (15 mg) twice daily. I have Lorazapam for a back up .5 mg. I was reading up about Lamictal yesterday it is a mood stabilizer which we will probably try once the Lithium is at a low dose. I get afraid as I have been on and off different med's and do not know which ones will work. I hate the hell it puts me thru. I hate feeling afraid, it is not a feeling I am used to dealing with.

Here is my baby T.Sprinkle she has been outside, and now is eating. Not sure where Zebra is. It is dull and cloudy, chance of rain about 65 deg.

I wish I did not feel so tired, do you get tired? Some of the med's will do fatigue I hate to read. Oh, here is Zebra, she is my old girl 13. T.Sprinkle will be 4 in May.

Hope you are having a decent day, when are your appointments?

As always, take Good care of yourself, I send Love & Big Hugs. Sprinkle 1 xxx

Well, good luck. And I'm very sorry that you had to have a fight during this time. Hope for the best for you, engel :)

küsse <3

Just reading a article on depression without tabs. It says cognitive behavioral therapy CBT a form of therapy that aims to change how you react to everyday events, is very good. You can get info online it says. In my experience some people need the meds if its clinical depression. Its not all about getting of meds as quick as you can, its about coming of them if its the right time for you. Work with a good doctor. One person who has helped me is my friend wayne dyer sadly no longer with us. He is on u tube have a look. Hope this helps. Gerrerd, Know as Ray.

Catwoman227 in reply to gerrerd

I will definitely talk to my counselor about it. I need this anxiety to go away. Hope you have a Wonderful day.😀

Oh no! I can certainly relate. You truly need to do what is best for your well being and health regardless of others who don’t have an understanding or walk in your shoes feel. I hope after you get your emotions under control you can write down your feelings in a letter if you can’t communicate without it escalating into a fight. You won’t get interrupted and can words things in a more beneficial way without getting off track or letting your emotions get in the way. It really helps me. I hope you did not quit cold turkey. That will make things 100 times worse! Maybe you could try counseling. Obviously I have a very hard time expressing my feelings in a productive way and avoid confrontation at all costs. I’m here to talk though if needed.

Hi! Thank you for your kind words. I will try writing things down. I see my counselor and Doctor on Thursday. I did go cold turkey because my other Doctor was a jerk. Been off them about a month. my anxiety is really messing with me. I can't eat and everything bothers me. I'm trying to get a job,no luck. Family doesn't understand at all and I really have no close friends. Hope to be on meds because they helped before. Thanks for listening. 😊

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