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I dont know what to do sometimes.

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At work without me knowing, I started to cry. I try to stop and pretended I had some allergy issue. I can't talk to my husband and my best friend is other side of the country.

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I'm sorry your sad and feeling you have no one to talk to.....but you do here. We listen, these are kind people....share away....your not alone....

Thank you.

Hi, sweetie. I don't have anyone to talk to as well. So I understand. I am here to listen. You sound overwhelmed. Are you sad or anxious? I'm sensitive and very anxious. I just learned about GAD. (General Anxiety Disorder) And every symptom fit me to a t. Perhaps look up your symptoms. So maybe you can get a range of what you are dealing with. A big hug to you. I hope you found some relief😻

Thank you. I am not sure what I am exactly feeling. Overwhelmed and depressed I think. I am glad I join this supoort chat

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We are glad you are here as well. You're never alone xx

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Welcome Ayla-Kat.... glad you joined our support family :) xx

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It feels nice to be welcomed. Greetings😻

I feel that way a lot.It is really difficult at times the episode will pass though. Sometimes I tell myself this will pass all day long it will tha is for sharing

Thank you. I dont know what came over me. I just wanted to talk to people who might understand what I was going through. Thank you for replying.

Trust me I understand I really wish I didn't I have had 2 really hard days and here is the kicker my life is fine there is no practical reason I should feel this sad and low it is so frustrating and sometimes I think the people around me think I want to feel this way hang in there

Depression can cause crying without any reason. Are you under a doctors care? Doctors don’t share your medical information with a spouse if you don’t want them to.

No not at the moment, I made a mistake by telling about different things I feel and think to my husband and he told me I was over thinking it. I dont know anyone else in town and I dont know how to begin finding a doctor. It is not like I can ask my coworkers

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