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I dont know what to do anymore

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I don't care about life anymore. I just live everyday passively. I lost interest with the things I once find happiness. I am absolutely demotivated to do tasks and works. Ive been mentally drained these past few months. Adding to my mental health problem is the fact that I currently live with my parents: my dad which i loathe because of his past actions (going out with other women and not being a dad - - just a financing figure); my mom who always yells at me when something is inconvenient to her.

I feel like there's no one there for me, no one who is willing to listen to my bullshts.

I think that there's really nothing to live to anymore.

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I feel the same. Exactly. I am 31, 2 kids, 2 different dads. I work a great job. But also hide an addiction to opiates, suboxone, and adderall.

My depression has steadily gotten worse the last year. I feel like the worst mom alive. And I too do not have a soul to reach out to. That's why I'm on here. I pray it helps us both Hyuga. I wouldn't wish feeling this way on my worst enemy.

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It's really hard, right? There's no one we can vent out to. Glad there's this site. I hope we get through this

I have been there before... I am almost 50 now. Your life will change and things will make sense. You need to focus on starting your own life... small steps. Your motivation will come back. Start by getting some exercise daily .... just 20 -30 minutes walk a day. Do it for 7 days and move next to start running..5 minutes, than 10min. Stay way from antidepressants! If are on it, figure out a plan to get out if it slowly. It will be battle to move out of your stage, but you can do it and life will come back to you. Don’t ever give up.... you will see that you are stronger than you think and you will make your own live... don’t live on others people’s life. Remember.... start walking. Breath deep while walking. When bad thoughts comes to your mind... say “just thinking...” break the bad thoughts.... it takes practice. You will be very proud of yourself when you come out of this stage and will be a better person than the ones that have hurt you. YOU GOT THIS!!!

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If antidepressants help then why not take them? Just curious! I was on meds before and I just went back on them and they seem to be helping but I do understand they can be hard to get off of.

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Hyuga in reply to Jauge

This literally had me crying! You helped me learn things, too. Thank you SO much!

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I know the feeling :(

What do you to change things ! you can only change you ! you cant change others !

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Yes that's the sad fact. Im trying to be tougher though

Life can be a daily struggle and more and more people are now dealing with depression.

I know that I have good days and bad . I think some people think you can just click your fingers and just feel better but it doesn’t work like that does it.

I have only just joined here and my one bit of advice is when you are feeling really shit Put on some shoes put your earphones in and go for a walk. Just get away from your house and any problems and try to think of one good thing even if it’s a little thing.

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Thank you so much! Next time, I'll try to go out for a walk to clear my head a little bit

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