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I dont know what to do anymore

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My mother abuses my grandfather every single day. I wake up around 6 or 7 am with her screaming at him. She does everything so its her to 'take care' of him. But she is always complaining that she has to do it all by herself. She screams at him at every meal. And when he has to do his needs, she humiliates him. Seriously its like that woman has a gift for it. And when she realizes someone wickness, me, gramps or my sister she uses it in the worse way possible so she can have advantage in some argument, or simply if she feels like it... and she uses gramps unability to do thinks on his own against him all the time. Also uses some old stories that I dont think matters now and the because she likes to play the victim in every situation those stories might be lies. Those things and many many others that she does are making living in that house suffocating. I cant say or anything. Honestly I'm afraid of her. I always have to shut up and put up with her shits. But I just cant do this anymore and I dont know what to do here. I need help

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Hi there you could anonymously phone social services ,adult services department, and say you hear a woman screaming abuse at an old man,the thing is it might even help you all they'll come out and maybe she will break down admitting how hard she finds it ,he's entitled to help,carers can come in four times daily he might get social time where they take him out in chair or whatever he wants to do in that time.not everyone realises there is help,or they try to go it alone but turn into something they never were before,what age group are you in?it must be so hard listening to that.

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I'm thinking on going tomorrow to a police station to get information without compromiss on how things work to see what I can do

Every time I do something for him she gets madder and abuses him more in those days and looks at any reason to say something mean to me. I've told her more than once to share the duties with everybody in the house or ask for help if she needs it but she does not. At least now he can lunch at peace cause I give it to him because now I can go home from work to lunch, and discovered that she stoped doing it without saing it or passing the responsability to someone else. She just let him starve

And I can so that cause she is at work at the time

yeah. I still dont want her bad. gramps has 5 sons and there is only one who shows him some care. Maybe I could talk to him but I dont think he will belive me because when he comes here she pretends that everything is fine and that she takes good care of him. gramps says nothing of the situation. but when uncle leaves she starts it all over again

This breaks my heart to read this. Can't your mother get some help? Maybe a home health aid could come in and relieve some of the stress off of her? Maybe someone in the family could help out? However, this sounds like a classic case of elder abuse and should be reported though.

who said I dont?

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I have deleted my replies as they obviously aren't helping you. I wish you luck.

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