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Iam sad

I'm sad I do not like to cause grief to anyone. When I do anything, they always misunderstand me. I love them and I do not want . I be the cause of their anger and grief. What am I doing that one is angry with me, am I the cause of his sorrow?I'm my problem. I am critical of those who are concerned with me and I always love to advise those around me. And most of them get angry at me. I feel that I am a bad person who caused sadness and anger to people. I hate myself. What do I do for my best style so that no one gets angry with me?

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I'm sorry Nonara your going through so many confusing issues all at once...if you don't mind me asking..who are you referring to may help some of us understand your issues a little better...I'll just give you a general sounds like your being terribly hard and critical of yourself....and if your saying you give advice to others who don't want it, and they resent your advice...I learned a while ago with some people unless they ask for my's probably best not to give any. Please don't hate yourself. and also understand that what we think other people are doing or saying is about usually is not. Most people are too caught up in their own lives to be that concerned about what we are doing. Try to relax a bit...give everyone around you some space for a while if you can. Give's you time to regroup and recharge your batteries...maybe do some relaxation therapy...smooth music, close your shower, fluffy robe.... and just stop thinking so much about things that may not even be really happening...and you'll be able to rationally deal with any issues that need addressing later.

Are you in therapy?....are you on any meds...or other methods to deal with anxiety or depression?....I am glad your sharing here, lots of good people here.


Hi the criteria for advising those around you is only doing it if they ask for your opinion/help as often they are only venting or just having a general moan. I am sure you do it with the best of intentions but the road to hell is paved with good intentions! It's a hard lesson to learn in life but it is a good one which will stand you in very good stead for the future.

Why do you hate yourself for getting it a bit wrong? No one is perfect and we all have to learn and the hardest lessons are those which take the best. Cut yourself some slack will you and accept you are just another fallible human being. x


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