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Hi guys it’s me again ! But i need to vent.... I don’t get it like i was feeling ok yesterday and the day before and today earlier and i just feel so sad i feel like i won’t get better idk I know I shouldn’t think that way but it’s so hard 😔 i have been depressed maybe 4 or 5 times in my life and I managed to pull myself out 😔 it comes from my health anxiety. And i just feel so sad loss of motivation i lay in bed all day i force myself to shower and eat though ! but i just want it to get better i hate feeling this way . Im scared ill feel like this forever! I don’t have money for therapy and medication so it’s hard and my family doesn’t really support that much . Im just scared and lonely 😔

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I promise you I have had very similar emotions but I believe in you and your ability to get to a better mental state. There are therapeutic things that you can do that don’t involve money

-eat healthier. I promise the way you eat impacts your mood and if you have a healthier diet it can be way more energizing

-try your hardest to get 8 hours of sleep. It dramatically impacts your mood

-exercise. Again it enhances your mood in the long run and gives you more energy. The app Sworkit has worked wonders for me

-find a hobby like painting or cooking or reading that is not related to media. Limit your time on social media apps by temporary deleting them so you can make the most of your day- comparison is the thief of joy

-L Theanine is also a natural supplement you could try to take

I believe in you, you are loved!!

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Thank you so much this makes me feel good and better but depression is a creeper i hate it but i try to think positive most of the time 😭🙏🏾thank you for your words and advice ❤️

I'm sorry to hear about your suffering. I'm feeling very much the same way. My family kicked me out in the most cruel way possible so I don't even have that. I'm so lonely and have been crying a lot. I'm 65 years old and ugly and I just wish I could die. I have one friend who's always busy or sick (she's pregnant but not by me) which only makes the loneliness hurt more. At least I have a cat who tolerates me. I'd like to say something helpful to you (and me) but right now I just want to cry again.

Im so sorry that happened to you i am here for you , you can always message me if you need someone to talk too 🙏🏾

Thank you for your offer. I hesitate to reach out to anyone because I'm an attention whore and it can easily get out of hand. I really want to be happy and to help other people be happy and am afraid that my inner child will take over and hog all of the attention.

Hi nicky sorry to hear your feeling so down! Don't be to worried there is help around wether it's just advice or if your are really struggling phone your doctors out of hours service or if your in the UK phone the samaritans if else were look up the local mental health help line! I know you say your lonely but you will find people on here ready to talk you! I wish you all the best take care david

nicky602279 in reply to Celtic27

Im not in the Uk im from texas and everything here is so pricey so i just wing it and take it day by day 🙏🏾😫

nicky602279 602279 thank you for sharing. I understand what you are going thru. I am a survivor of 3 deep depressions. I have learned that what we experience is from what some call "enemy of tournament". the evil that is real knows how to get to you and so it triggers you thru such ways of tournament. whatever it is that is your weak point, it will go after it. so I strongly urge to recognize that when it happens, do what is called "self-talk". which are positive words spoken to yourself. a method that helps you learn how to turn those negative thoughts into positive productive thoughts/energies. I am here to help you if you wish to message me. please begin to believe in yourself. you are valuable. you were created with a purpose.

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Thank you so much for writing me this it means so much to me and makes me realize i am not alone 😫it gets so tough sometimes !!!

Sabio77 in reply to nicky602279

You are welcome my friend. you can message me anytime. I will get back to you. stay positive and productive.... as much as possible.

Oh, yes, you are not alone!! Sometimes that helps to know.

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