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Why so unlucky

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At age of 23 it was my last semester of postgraduation that time my father passed away due to cardic arrest and he was not having any medical history for the same. After one year i started working on an entry level. I worked there and after 10 months i started having heath issues and the company was not provide me frequent leave to get myself properly checked so i left the job and when i get myself with properly i came to know that i was having tuberculosis stage 2. It took one year for me to recover and after one or two months i started developing white patches on below my left knee. I had very little patches in my earlier childhood but now they started spreading. For 3 years i took laser treatment and when for 2 skin surgery but all in vain nothing worked the way i thought. I lost my career and at present when i go for a job interview and tell them the reason behind not been working for such a long time they show sympathy but not willing to hire me. I have a very sharp and intellectual person but no one is willing to give a chance. Feel like a loser.

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I am very sorry for your loss and that this health issue happened...and your right...it's not fair. But Your not a looser, your just a hard working person who has had very unfortunate health issues and a terrible loss to cope with. I don't know if this helps, but I would talk to a career counsellor...someone who can help you re-think and re-structure your approach and choices for applying for a job.

There can't be any legal discrimination due to pre-existing health conditions, and you should find out your rights there. Especially if your health issues don't effect your working potential and you are qualified for the position. Of course discretely potential employers don't want to hire someone with pre-existing health issues for many reasons, ...loss of work due to health issues, company health insurance premiums going up to deal with employee's increased claims, etc.

Try getting help though and go through other channels to apply for work....this may help you avoid those pitfalls of being overlooked....there is hope, keep trying...

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Thank you much for your concern but i live in india it’s very tough here. All what matter here is a reference and experience. If you don’t have either of them nobody will entertain you. I can’t sleep without sedatives which is prescribed to my mother and every other day i have to steal them from my mother because I can’t ask for it and i don’t want my mother to see my miserable sight.

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I'm very sorry Minnnie...another thought is many company's are having people work from home, company's from all over the world...as we know we are talking this way, half way around the world....maybe you can get work outside of India and work from home. It's a long shot, but not really so much .... go to global job fairs online....just see what's out there....keep trying.....don't give up.

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