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One of Those Days

I am new to this website, and I haven't been diagnosed very long.

Do you ever feel like there is no point in continuing? You get to the point that you just want to close your eyes, and never open them again. People say they care about me, but it's so hard to believe them. I'm so sick of breathing, of thinking, of feeling, of existing. I just want to run away from life and never come back into the world of the living.

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It sucks when you feel so hopeless. I feel that same way most days. I have started using a treadmill and an exercise bike and I feel so much better afterwards. I also have lost 27 lbs. Deep breathing also helps. Please don't give up on yourself. You are so worth having a good life but every day is a chance to start again. Maybe the people that say they care about you really do care about you. I know it's hard to believe it because you probably feel you are not worth them caring about you. You are worth it.

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Hi LillieFaith02 and Welcome to the Forum!

There's always going to be bad times in life. Times when you feel there is no one to help you and times when you feel you're without hope. Anxiety is the type of condition that at times can be so overwhelming it feels like you will never be able to have a happy life. But that's not true.

Giving up is never an option. If we sit and do nothing, we will live with anxiety forever. BUT... if we commit to change, we can start our way to recovery. It is not an overnight venture, it takes time but so well worth the results.

We need to accept and create a plan in going forward. Finding a therapist who will guide you through this journey as well as some short term medication in allowing you to move forward. Know that there is a goal you will reach no matter how long it takes to get there. Small steps will get you to the light at the end of the tunnel. The Rainbow :)

There are other methods that can be used as a helping tool in achieving your goal. Positivity is all important in going forward. Stay with the forum for support and understanding. You are never alone. We will do this journey together.

Now...take a deep breathe, exhale your negative thoughts and welcome today as the beginning of the end of your anxiety. :) xx


i'm glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm trying to keep moving forward, and hopefully one day i will see the light at the end of my anxiety.

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:) xx


glad your sharing will find a lot of good people here, they are kind, and by reading others posts and comments you can find your not alone...many here understand.


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