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Depression and Dealing with Break ups


my largest problem is the fact that I cant move on, I never had truly loved someone until rather recently, I felt this person was the center of my world, She meant the world to me and still does, I honestly can't stand each day that goes by with me not being hers. I just hope that some day I can get a second shot, My largest problem with this predicament is that its the center of my depression almost after a month of it happening, I've let my health completely go, all I can think about is constant pain knowing I'm not with her.

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I understand your sadness. The phrase “I can’t stand it” does a really good job of maintaining the depression. I would guess that you can stand it and that you are feeling many difficult emotions. If this is the case then this is what you should want your self talk to describe. “I am hurt” or “I am sad” can be addressed and resolved, where “I can’t stand it” will not be resolved because it is not real.

I think that part of what makes love special is loss. Our difficult experiences enhance our good experiences. I hope that you find some peace soon.

Yeah in fact it was my first break up

All I can say is that it takes time. Time and good support will help heal you. I know this from being brutally burned from someone "I loved with my whole heart." I'm still dealing with some pain but it's easier. Also mainly talking to a of people helped me. Things will get better for you. Best wishes! <3

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