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My day was going fine. All of a sudden my anger and frustration kicked in. Now I’m pissed off and angry. I hate my life so much and I want it to end. I wanna scream and break something. I wanna get outta here but have nowhere to go. I’m so angry I’m about to snap. Nobody understands what I’m going through which makes it very difficult to explain. I’m seriously freaking out and don’t know what to do

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Was there anything in particular that might have triggered it. I have moments like this, be perfectly fine than a thought creeps up and not so happy after that. Yes angry! Especially if that person is around. It's hard. Is there anything that helps or makes you calm. Music is mine.

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My obnoxious brothers. They never shut up and it’s gotten on my nerves today

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Oh okay that explains it. Just step away. Put some headphones on and tune them out. Watch funny videos, if you have a laptop or on your phone, music or a movie. Or anything you like to see. Get your mind off since you said you can't go anywhere. Talk to us too. ☺

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My brothers follow me everywhere and are never quiet. They just make me super angry I wanna punch them so bad

I know I can't say I really understand cause I don't and I don't know what you've been through. But I do have the same kind of rage breakdowns. I want to scream, hit something, cry in anger, yell at all the people who hurt me, tell everyone to go f themselves I'm done living this life. But I go and take a long walk with my dog and appreciate nature and for the beautiful sight it has given me while I rant to my dog about everything. I don't know how you are or what your personality is but maybe that could help.. I hope everything works out for you..

I’m always so tense

I know how that is. Always on edge and everything...


I seriously need to release some anger. I have so much built up anger that I’m seriously going to explode. I can feel myself losing control.

Check your blood pressure.. sometimes when I feel like that I find my blood pressure is really high. Try going for a walk or run and channel that into it. Hope you feel better soon.

This is normal and have found it connects to a person with bristle of thoughts which in turn changes Emotions. I have been like that and what pisses me off is that ppl around me dont get it. Try the Prana Breath from the app store. Once we control our breath, we control our Emotions. There is one called 478 which calms down any Emotions and danger is one of the strongest emotion. Sometimes we saying and so wrong things in danger which we dont mean, so controlling ur breath will play a huge part. I have noticed that there is no care for danger problem but it can be controlled. Whenever i feel this emotion, i do the breathing exercised and it only takes about 7 min minimum. Try that and control that beast i suffer from. It has the power to control a person.

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