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New here! Have major depression


Hello everyone! new here! I should maybe tell a little about myself. I am very depressed, haven't had many friends in my life (I have some that I've gone through but periodically I seem to float away from them) I would like to have some friend that can I think understand what it feels like to be depressed.

Anyway, that's all about me mostly.

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If it's a friend you need, then it's a friend you have :) I haven't had many friends either. I'm just starting to pull myself up from that deep, dark hole that is depression. If you need people who will just listen and support you, you've come to the right place :)

Just remember ShowHorse, it's not how many times you get knocked's how many times you get back up and fight!

Friend-in-training, lol

Brian :)

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Thanks I needed that!

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Not a problem! :) If you ever feel the need to to talk...or to vent....or to share your story, I'm here for you. I've shared my story with the community (you can check out my posts if you like) and I've met some wonderful people here.

You're not've made at least one friend already! :)

Brian :)

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