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Back stabbing friend

So today after hard and long of studying math I finally got an A .I always get bad grades like F or D but somehow today I've got A I only lost q 1 point meanwhile everyone got worse grades than me or same(like only 5 people got an A out of 72)..I was finally proud of myself ...happy after long time but then my "good" friend got worse grade and she got jealous.She didn't say that to my face but I saw her rolling eyes at me and I also know she thought *that's not possible she's dumb etc.*and when I told her that I knew she was like I didn't think that but then the way she said it was totally like yes I hate u I'm now that thing that made me happy it has to be gone by I have to be dumb,stupid everyone is better everywhere I always have to get bad can someone help me?

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Your friend is just jealous. Maybe you should consider not being friends with her anymore. You deserve to feel good about your excellent grade.


Oh come on!!! You worked hard, got best grade. You must be proud of yourself.

So your friend got jealous of your good grade. Forgive your friend for being jealous. Eventually they will learn to live with this version of you where you get better grades then them, and will also start to look at you for advise. Give them time to deal with their jealousy.

And at the same time, you do not want to think less of yourself. You worked and excelled at something. Means you can do it again.

Its a good day for you! Be happy!!

I am proud of you and am looking at you for motivation!!


Ooh your friends having to rethink her opinion​ of you. Maybe she won't want to be friends with the new successful you. Some folk prefer having friends that they secretly look down on, a bit. No, matter, that's her problem to deal with. Don't let it spoil this for you. You've done really well. Enjoy it! And i think this is just the start for you. 😊🌻✌️


Hi Hageslah

I can vividly remember having the same issues in HS and feeling the need to dumb myself down just to feel as though I fit in and to make my friends or classmates feel better for the bad grades they got. But it never worked out because I felt like I wasn’t being myself, especially in math. I was basically Cady from Mean Girls, but not for a boy Lol. But just be yourself, people who truly like you and are your friend won’t care if your grades are better, they will congratulate you and help you keep up the good work. If it means anything to you GREAT JOB ON THE A!


I know how you feel. Some of my friends do the same to me. I always end up ignoring it and keep saying the three goals I have set for myself. 1. Make it through the day, 2 You are doing this to be a children cancer doctor (but in your case whatever you are going to do) and 3 That soft comfy lovable bed will be waiting for me at the end with open arms (Or covers lol)... I hope things get better for you!! But be proud of your good grade!! And your friend shouldn't be jealous, that friend should of study more and maybe that friend would of made a good grade too...


Who says you have to get bad grades? If your so-called friend is jealous, that's her problem, not yours! You're not in school to please your friends - you're there to prepare yourself for a career. Don't worry for one second what others think of your efforts. If you graduate with a low GPA, are your "friends" going to help you get a job? Of course not! So who cares what they think? Worry about your own future, and not about those idiots!

Congratulations on your "A". I hope it's the first of many more for you. Now you know that getting good grades is possible. And never, ever apologize for doing well in school! That's why you're there in the first place!


Some people find it easier to be ‘friends’ with someone that they can feel sorry for , look down on and be all ‘poor you,you deserve better’ about because it helps them feel better about themselves.... until you actually do better or do more or become more then its like oh damnnn ! So yeah leave them let them drop as you grow... you be proud, you did this for yourself and your betterment nobody else!

At every stage of life you lose people you gain people not everyone can be around your success or your loss x


don't let her sour mood affect your good mood. you should celebrate! so what if you did better, she should be happy for you instead of upset. try to not let what others think of you affect your own mood... if you do it can turn into a circle of you just trying to please everyone and hide what you really feel, which in my experience, is not fun!


You earned the grade. (Mazeltov!) Don't give someone else the power to make you feel bad about yourself. Life would be perfect, if not for jealousy, envy, but most of all fear. So. until another reality rolls around, you're going to have to learn to be as strong as you can, in the here and now. That starts with believing in yourself. I'm probably decades older than you, but I still have to tell myself that every day. More often than not, it works.


i dont think she even deserve to be your frnd if she cant be happy for u then in the future when u need help she might not be there.........frnds r important in life but if that frnd cant see u happy or be happy for u then she/he is a fake frnd n can dump u when u r in need....


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