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Social Anxiety


So a bunch of choir seniors (me included) have an outing this Friday with our teacher. I have really bad social anxiety and I'm a huge homebody. I was all excited until I got to thinking. I only have about 3 people (that are seniors) that I would consider friends. But they are in more advanced choirs than me. And when they get with friends from their choirs, I feel like I'm intruding or like they would rather talk to them. (I don't like a few of the people that will be there) idk. I honestly don't wanna go anymore but Ik I would probably have a good time. But it makes me cry when I think abt it.

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If you would probably have a good time, then why not go? If you're absolutely certain that you'll be all by yourself there, then it's probably not a good idea. But other than that, you just might have a nice time.

Marshall64 in reply to jkl5500

Might make other friends as well.

Would you kick yourself afterwards if you didn't go?


Been in situations like that in school, my best friend was in every club,sport etc that I was in...we weren't talking to each other at this time,Senior year yeah great. Didn't stop me from enjoying the activities ,I just made more friends. Go for it. It's your last year.

just go and be yourself trust me you have to face your fears i bet you you have a good time

Marshall64 in reply to jolivz

And what would bee the worst scenario? Maybe you stand by yourself for a short time until you connect with people you know or people that you will meet. When you are standing by yourself you can do what everyone else does - look at you smartphone with interest. I have noticed a lot of people doing that.

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