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Update- But still need help

I went to my therapist and we figured out the food situation. Vegetables and fruits with assorted grains and avoiding most meats for right now seemed to help my body lift up a bit in energy and stamina. Currently experiencing nausea after eating ice cream- suggested by my therapist for its calorie count, but i dont think I will be eating it again after this. I urgently need nausea treatments if you know of any- I took one of my anti emetic pills and am waiting for it to kick in. General anxiety flowing an insanely hectic morning- I[m thinking a meditation and a nap might help reset me a bit.

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Naps are a good thing. There is a good amount of information about the benefits of using a plant based diet for minimizing anxiety and depression.

Most things that are considered healthy seem to be the things that are good for anxiety and depression. Eating right, sleeping well, exercising and activity. None of which is easy when we are suffering.

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Hi, took a quick look over your other posts.

Can you tell me some more about yourself? I take it you're American? What age group?


I am American, and under 18.


I'm from the UK.Did I go on an American site?I'm happy to talk to anyone from anywhere.x


This was a UK site and was recently managed by the Shaw Foundation and become more accessible to the US population.


Having food issues while you are still growing is a concern. Try and get as much vegetable protein as possible as you need this for proper development.

Try and figure out what your triggers are and set boundaries for them.

You mention stress as a cause of a lot o problems for you - should you maybe not take on less for a bit and try and get balance between work and play. You are still young and you should be enjoying the careless abondment of youth?