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So these past days have been great. Got my hair and nails done and I had my senior prom last night. So really great and fun and exciting. But I feel really low today and I'm not sure why. I also slept most of the day (till like 1:30 pm which isn't normal for me) This happens at least once a month though. I have really good days followed by a really low day/s. Idk why it happens. It just really sucks

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I used to notice that in myself. But I think that we can get hooked up in asking why it happens, but the reality is that there are always many possible explanations for any behavior. Which Is frustrating - I just want a simple answer that may never come. But acknowledging this means that we can move onto the next question - what to do about these low moods?


We all feel that way sometimes. Maybe your levels could be off. Supplements help. You should have a blood panel done. Your vitamin D could be low. That can cause depression. Life is hard but worrying can make worse. Try to stay positive and eat healthy. That helps me. My vitamin D was severe low and If I don't take it I notice. Sometimes a week before period our serotonin changes. So get a blood panel and make sure not defiant of anything . Congrats on becoming a senior. Remember feelings are fleeting. 🙂Also hobbies would be good to look into. Learning to find your own interests as a individual. Make yourself happy everything else will fall into place.


You say this happens once a month. Does this happen prior to menstrating?


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