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Depression, anxiety & recovery from surgery


I have major depressive disorder and anxiety/panic attacks. I am on meds. I also had multiple neurosurgeries in recent years. It is so hard to recover from these post surgical effects and to handle depression. Just when I feel as if I am looking up from an episode, I am back in bed because I am in so much pain. This physical pain does not allow me to do much. There comes a moment where I feel as if I’m loosing my mind. I’m also looking for a job and what I can do is so limited. Weekends are the worst. I feel alone. Hours don’t pass. Is there a connection between depression and surgeries? Do they make the challenge of healing even tougher? How to go on with such little hope and all the patience spent? I don’t know anymore.

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I'm not in the medical profession but from what I have read there a strong link between depression and illness/ surgery etc. Up until 6 months ago I was living an active life with a full time job, 2 teenagers and a lovely husband. Out of the blue I have developed a vestibular problem whic affects my balance , makes me feel sick and dizzy all the time. It has stopped my life in its tracks and I long to be the happy healthy person I once was. I really feel for you as it sounds as though you have been suffering this alot longer than I have. I don't know about you but I fear the future and try to stop myself thinking too much. I hope you recover enough to get your life of track, take care

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Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry about your illness. Likewise, I do hope I can have an active life again. I have been this way for sometime now and I am deeply sad. I don’t know how I can get my life together but I am trying.

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I'm right there with you... I'm trying to too so hopefully one day we will both be well again X

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Let us hope.

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