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Why can’t I live with no guilt

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Sometimes I’m like - why can’t I just live life without people wanting things from me. You want me to be a good friend a good sister a good daughter etc. sometimes i just don’t even want to open my mouth to talk. I’m very ok alone. I’ve isolated myself from everyone. I don’t want any pressure to be anything. This is a little ramble-y. Just feeling overwhelmed with wanting to be there for people but for my own sanity and anxiety, can’t. It’s awkward for me, it makes me anxious and feel guilty, and I can’t take all the emotions. Sorry. But was good to get that ramble out even if it didn’t make sense.

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I totally understand

It sounds like really hard time for you right now. I'm wondering if you feel under pressure because you are doing too much for others or if they have said something that hurt you ? Dealing with all the emotions can feel overwhelming , do you have any friends you can talk to? If not keep posting here for support .

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My family is kinda crazy. I feel like I have to look after them all. Which I know I don’t but I worry you know? I feel like someone is always calling me wanting me to do something or getting upset because I haven’t been over to see them. Sometimes I just ignore my phone for a few days and I do feel guilty but My anxiety and I need some time to be alone and my phone just stresses me out lol. Do your friends and family expect a lot from you? I know it’s hard to please people around you and care for your mental health also

It did make sense- you're taking care of yourself , and there is NOTHING wrong with that.

It can be easy to become the go to person for your family and it sounds as though it just what they have come to expect. I think you are right to ignore your phone and take time for yourself. You may need to think about being less available to them so that they don't always call on you to help. Perhaps some of them might even be open to you talking to them about how you are feeling. It might help them be less reliant on you

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