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Can't help feeling so lost

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I'm new here and I'm not exactly sure how to do this, I dont share my feelings or my thoughts to anyone but myself and I feel like I'm about to go down that dark place i did before. Its comforting to know and find such support on this group, I was diagnosed with depression years ago and although my psychologist put me off my meds, i feel like i need it again. Someone please tell me its going to be okay

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If you need your meds then you need them. I struggled for years with the idea that I could beat this on my own. After years of going to that dark place then going even further down then I have ever I have come to the conclusion I personally will always need them and I accept it now they help and I'm not less of a person because of it. I hope this helps.

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It will be OK.

When we are depressed it feels like it will never end, but it always does. It ends sooner if we accept that it is temporary. "I am feeling down, but it will end" is a mantra that has helped me a lot. Sometimes it makes me feel better as soon as I remember to say it. When I'm down I have trouble remembering those things.

Meds are important, but they are only one point of focus. Depression takes effort to lessen or live with, but it is worth it.

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How do I tell myself these positive things when in my mind I have such a negative outlook. There's so many things I'm unhappy over and one day I'll wake up and tell myself that I'm going to be strong and I will make myself proud but I can never turn these thoughts into action

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Do one thing at a time and try to accept whatever the outcome is. Check your self-talk and see if you are bringing you down. Find something positive and let go of the other things.

There are many things that you can do, but you have to do something. This is where the effort comes in. Baby steps are all that it takes.

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