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Feeling so lost lately

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Not feeling myself lately. I know being on lockdown probably doesn't help but I just feel so lost. I have no motivation to do anything, all I want to do is sleep, my dreams are starting to turn weird at night now too, not sure if that's my depression or anxiety playing into that so I wake up feeling even worse than when I went to bed.

I know it sounds stupid but I dont feel like I can talk to anyone because everyone just says how I'm being negative ( even when it's not intentional) my boyfriend says I just bring him down so I dont really talk a lot anymore because I'm afraid of being negative without even meaning to. Normal conversations seem to turn into fights because I reply to something he or someone said and somehow its twisted to me being negative when all I was doing is simply answering a question. I just feel so alone ☹ I would go see about seeing my doctor again but I dont drive and I already have enough appointments that my boyfriend drives me to. I dont want to annoy him with more visits. Waiting to hear back about getting back on some of my old meds but have to wait on a referral since I havent been on my adhd meds in about 4 or 5 years. I feel like this pandemic is making it so much worse just to get the help I need or to see a doctor. And I cant do anything until I hear back about this referral I've been waiting on :/ doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon

6 Replies
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Feel so much for you. Lockdown has made a lot of people with existing mental health issues feel even worse. You can always talk to people on here, I know exactly how you feel about the feeling of not talking to other people. Take care xx

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Waiting can be so hard, so my heart goes out to you. Can you see if you have another friend that could possibly take you to your other appointment, that way you can get your medication? As you are waiting, maybe get out of the house and take a walk. Fitness usually helps me with I have a tough day or sad mood. I pray or read my bible or listen to music. These habits are good to practice when you need to shift your focus to Someone higher than yourself. You can make it through the waiting, we are cheering for you here!

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Blackedout in reply to marsdream

I'm not super close with tons of people. I tend to distance myself when things get bad so job one else to drive me :/ trying to keep distracted and hope it passes. Starting some fitness stuff at home to see if it helps. Really just hoping to hear back about getting on my old meds

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It is smart to keep busy. Walking, listening to upbeat music , watching funny movies until you can see the doctor. You can also make a list of positive statements and say them to yourself often. You will beat this!

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I feel the same way sometimes. Feeling like I can't connect with people and getting frustrated when I try to talk to them. It's the depression that does that to me.

I think your new exercise program is a great idea. Gets rid of stress and uplifts your mood.

This pandemic is taking its toll on everyone.

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I find that journaling sometimes does help and music does too. Certain movies and getting feedback here helps too. Please be patient with yourself. My self talk is helping more too because I'm being patient compassionate encouraging and understanding to myself too. I realize now that i have to gradually lessen my inner critic while facing my fears insecurities and others things. I want to be healthy healed and whole. I wish you well on your journey. Take care.

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