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So terrified can't relalx


Hi im trying so hard to relalx but so terrified of working week ahead.I've booked lal Dr appointment as so seems such a long week 11 hr shifts everyday and I'm petrified its affecting me so badly I can't relax can't enjoy myself can't do any washing feel so miserable and terrified I feel like this week will never end .I' feel so sad

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Your def not alone! Try to breath and calm yourself down a bit. Your gonna be fine. Do you have anything to take? I was that way last night and am still on edge today.. haven’t eaten hardly anything cause My mouth is so dry and nothing sounds good.. just know that there are thousands of people suffering from this as well

annymonous in reply to MC450

Thank you I'm crying eyes out manager doesn't seem to care but these hours are too much especially when you suffer from anxiety I just feel so uncomfortable and humiliated. I don't have anything just wine :(

MC450 in reply to annymonous

Well I’m of the state of mind we gotta do what it takes to calm down as long as it’s not harmful.. lol try to sit down and breath and sip a glass of wine, start from 100 and count down.. but breathing is huge and will get the oxygen to help you start calming down.. also writing down my thoughts has helped, I just scribble things down but it gets it out of my head

Thank you I know I wont surrive this awful week .I just know it

I'm so templates to quit

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