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Hello everyone. Does anyone know of any good ways of dealing with depression besides medication? I was on Zoloft 2 years ago and haven’t taken it since. I have been ok, not great. These days I find myself struggling with pangs of depression. I just want to know if there is anything that can help without resorting to medication again. Any suggestions that might of worked for you? I have 2 kids and I hate feeling this way.

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I think that therapy and medication is the best for me, but I think that therapy alone is the second best option. I used therapy to develop life skills that I use daily to control my depression and anxiety. These skills are like having a one on one session with myself, whenever I need it. I did a lot of research to put together my program, and a lot of work to implement it.


Thank you for the reply. I had actually forgotten about therapy. I used to go to therapy back when it was available to me (I just got out of the Marine Corps and moved out of the area) I struggle to find a counselor that I’m actually comfortable with or am willing to open up to. The lady that I was seeing was absolutely amazing but since I am no longer Active Duty I don’t know where to go for therapy that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. I am very glad to hear that therapy has worked well for you though! I should look into it again for myself.


I focused on Rational Emotive Therapy and also on perception and story editing. A really good resource for the second method is a book called Visual Intelligence. Since you were in the military you may have some of the skills in this book, but you need to apply the skills to your mental health. Dr. Ellis is the pioneer of the first method mentioned. Look him up, it is also known as RET.

These are some of the things that the therapist uses to help you, so I have given you the secrets to helping yourself. This knowledge will help you when you work with a therapist, if you have a capacity for problem solving yourself.


Since you are a vet, does the V.A. offer any therapy?


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