I'm new here and have health anxiety

I'm new here and have health anxiety

Hello. I'm a 64 year old married woman with health anxiety, that arose from several unexpected health scares, including tachycardia from an anti-depressant. I am afraid that it will happen again, even though I am no longer on that medication. I am on a new medication (2 weeks) and feel conflicted because of my experience with the other one. I'd just as soon not be on any medication but this new one helps control anxiety and depression and is supposedly the safest one for anyone with any kind of heart-related episode. I am trying very hard to put the episode behind me but the anxiety keeps it active. I will be seeing a cardiologist later in the month to ensure that everything is as it should be. I am anxious about that too, just in case it isn't. I have stopped drinking coffee altogether and am on a harm-reduction regime with smoking, aiming to quit altogether, and doing relaxation exercises like calm breathing and visualization. I also pray a lot these days. If anyone has other suggestions regarding how to cope with health anxiety, I would appreciate hearing them. Thank you.

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  • I drink chamomile tea, it helps with my anxiety. Also, walking and talking to myself positively helps counter my negative thoughts that make me feel anxious. Although, it is difficult and a bit tiring because my mind just wants to think on thoughts that makes me anxious.

  • Thank you for your reply. I do those things as well, but it is difficult, as you say - especially the mornings. Sometimes I just find it hard to face another day. Things improve over the course of the day, but mornings are hard.

  • I find that was often true for me, too, when I was very depressed. Now that I have an energy for living and am interested in getting things done, I have the opposite. I want to get up and dive into the days' activities! So life can get better, it doesn't have to always be so hard.

  • Amazing how our minds just remain stubborn like that, isn't it?

  • Thank you BonnieSue. This is a rough time and I am hoping and praying that things will improve soon. I am looking forward to the time that I have energy and become interested in getting things done....and want to get up and do things. Right now, that is not the case. Thank you for the encouragement.

  • I know, i dont know why your mind wants to stay so stubborn with this kind of thinking. I really wanna keep strong. Been praying more these days. Im happy that I found this online community where you can share your feelings and get support.

  • Hi menagerie, I can relate completely to your fears. Many of the antidepressants effect ones heart. Were you by chance on one of the tricyclics because they are known to cause tachycardia.......I have had two heart ablation for afib and now I get the occasional episode of tachycardia which is frightening and because of the afib etc I won't go on any antidepressants the ssri meds make me sick so I don't have too many options. I get a lot of anxiety and try meditating and doing my slow breathing.....it is difficult when you suffer from anxiety/depression and unless you have been there you don't really get it. One thing I would certainly do if you are worried about your health though is to get rid of those nasty cigarettes......that's probably the worst thing for you. You can do it. The smoking effects everything. Feel free to private message me whenever you want to chat or need support. You are not alone.

  • Thank you Eliza. I wasn't on one of the tricyclics. I am on a new med that is apparently safe and doesn't cause tachycardia. I do meditating and slow breathing and listening to calming music, walking, praying. I am working on cutting down on the cigarettes...but it's a process. I've smoked for 48 years and it's an ingrained habit. The anxiety is hard to take.

  • Which med are you taking may I ask?

  • Sertraline (Zoloft) Starting dose @ 25 mgs. now @ 50 mgs. Only side effect so far is that it makes me drowsy and fatigued, so I will be speaking with the doctor about taking it at night. I am also drinking chamomile tea, which has a natural, gentle, anti-anxiety effect. Having gone through the tachycardia, I would not agree to going onto a new med. without medical supervision. I was in the hospital for close to two weeks while they weaned me off Effexor and gradually introduced Sertraline - monitoring my blood pressure and pulse and doing an EKG. All good so far, and I am going to see a cardiologist later in April just to cover all bases.

  • Zoloft works well for people who don't have side effects from it. I could not tolerate it. Sounds like you have your basis covered. Good luck.

  • Thank you Eliza. I am not having any problems with it, other than drowsiness, so I am going to take it at bedtime. I have been walking a bit, but am not comfortable doing too much else (like riding the exercise bike) until I get an all-clear from the cardiologist. It is certainly a scary thing when it happens and I don't want it to happen again if I can prevent it.

  • Hi Menagerie, I am thinking maybe you have a house full of critters😇. I do too. I quit smoking 10 years ago after going into respiratory arrest. I now deal with severe copd but am grateful to be alive! After a lot of recent hospitalizations for this, I believe I have developed pretty severe anxiety about it and other health issues. Think things are finally starting to get better. I smoked 3 packs a day for 40 years, and after being ventilated for 5 days (and not going to make it), I did!!!! You can too. I have gone back to work as a vet tech...finally🙂. You can make it better, believe you will and it will happen. I will be praying for you.

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