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any advice out there plzzzzxxx


feeling so down atm my son got his dream job as a compuyer game designer then he moved to surrey only to move into the house from hell the house he rented was jam packed full of clutter from floor to ceiling he turnedround and came back home to Newcastle he is now desperately tryting to home his husky dog so he can take his job still but because the dog is no good with children he is finding this hard he needs to start on Tuesday coming praying someone can help but with been easter weekend there is no rescue centre etc or anything open he is only 23 and has his whole life in front of him now my husband has mood swings and he is in one now I ain' seen my son in nearly 2 years and he is going on like this I'm really struggling to cope and just don't wanna be here anymore I've totally had enough of all this carnt cope anymore have 1 child also with behaviour problems ever since she got bullied bless who is waiting councillor and other things all my life is just one big battle and feel like noone cares about me for once any advice would be great sorry for moaning on xxxx

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Hi Mandy

Sorry to hear of all you are going through.

Your son could contact Husky Rescue. There is a rescue for every pedigree, as far as I am aware. I just Googled " husky rescue and S.H.A.R.E. came up. Why don't you Google it now and give them a call?

There is also someone on Health Unlocked who rescues Huskies. I think she is in Scotland.

But S.H.A.R.E. should be able to help you because they take huskies from anywhere in UK.



Take care of yourself first. Taking on the problems of others is bad for you and that person.

It is the concept of putting on your oxygen mask first, or taking the time to put on a life jacket before you jump in the water to save a drowning person. If you don’t, you both drown.

There is a paradox that says the best way to be selfless is to be selfish. It is so true.

Your son is old enough to figure out his own mess. The worst that will happen is he learns some lessons for the future. That may also be the best thing that could happen.

Adversity is how we learn, we learn nothing from things that are easy. We are meant to learn every day of our lives. A hard knock is a big gift in disguise.

Hi , I run Scottish highland snow dogs rescue, I am based in the highlands of Scotland, I don’t where you stay but if you PM , I can see if I can help you, don’t get to worried, there is a few rescues for huskies, so I am quite sure one of the rescues could help, Reach is one rescue that I have contact down south, so please PM me x

If you are talking about Newcastle in WA state, I would take in his husky. Other than that the other comments sound very reasonable, that's a popular breed so many people would likely jump at the chance. Hang in there and just try to be a place of support for him.

Contact REACH rescue , if you are down south, I am up in Scotland ( Scottish highland snow dogs rescue)

my son has managed to home his husky with a rescue centre thank god he has now decided to go to tenerieff and have a year out sort of thing is just feel like I'm losing him now he said he wants to do more and experience more which I do understand as he only young and like use said he needs to make his own mistakes in life just this has all sent me rock bottom even more now but they say time is a healer just feel like I'm losing him but that's me been selfish I suppose thanks guys xxx

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