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A new way of looking


This thread has done wonders for me. Looking at the posts everyday has shown me how introspective depressed people are. It's "all about me" ! Better to take a step back and say it's NOT all about me but how can I get myself out this selfcentred rut. I know its a chicken and egg problem and we feel if we werent depressed, we could do much more but the power is in our hands. No one cares about you as much as you do, nor why should they. Ditch the mind altering chemicals. Find an outlet. Volunteer to look after animals or help others less fortunate. And next time youre feeling sorry for yourself, read these posts and vow to take charge of your own life. We only have ONE life.. Dont look in, look out, and make a difference!

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Easy to say when you clearly don't suffer from depression yourself!

I certainly do, very badly.

We all cope diffrent ways.

You may mean well but your lack of education could prove to be very dangerous. It is comments like these that make some of us feel isolated more than ever in our worst times. Depression isn’t just mental, it is also physical. Treating it is no different than a diabetic treating themselves with insoline. You wouldn’t tell them to stop right? They would go into a diabetic coma possibly. You may suffer from the sadness that this life can bring sometimes and I am very sorry for that. However if you truly knew the pain of clinical depression and anxiety, you wouldn’t say that. Furthermore, in educating yourself and truly digging in, you would also find out that people suffering from mental illnesses often give all of themselves to others, when we are able, and none to ourselves. So we come to this safe place where we are able to speak to one another and relate, to get kind words of encouragement. We help each other. Not selfish right? Sometimes people go to a therapist for help. Would you say that is being selfish? Not everyone has that luxury. Also, just like group settings from anything such as depression to AA meetings, these are proven therapeutic methods. We need to relate, as human beings, in many aspects of life. I think that your intentions were good, but your lack of understanding this very serious subject could prove to be dangerous.

Interesting point of view too. I know exactly about clinical depression and anxiety. Dont judge when you dont know.

But to overcome it, we have to look outside the box sometimes. As I said, we only have one life.

How awful of you to call me or what I said, dangerous. Now that's supposed to make me feel better, is it? How can offering positive advice justify such a comment.

Better you keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

And by dangerous, I mean someone in a very bad state does not need to come to a safe place and read that. We come here to get away from those sorts of comments.

I am truly sorry if this hurt you in any way. It is, however, very true.

Hell, no!!

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