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How can I decrease my stress?

Hi. I've been dealing with stress and depression for a few years. My husband's job requires us to move a lot and every time we move, my stress levels get out of control! I think it's because I'm fearful i'm in a new place and so many things are out of my control that it's difficult to keep my emotions under control. I'm very irritable and frustrated all the time. I even went to the doctor because I was having heart palpitations all the time and he said that there was nothing wrong with my heart, and he asked if there had been any life changes that may have triggered some stress in my life. When he said that, I knew that I had a problem. Do any of you have any tips or suggestions on how to handle stress?

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For starters, you could try relaxation videos on YouTube. It's free, and it couldn't hurt.


Here are a few suggestions that work for me. They are all free and have only positive side effects.

- avoid or seriously reduce stimulants like sugar and caffiein.

- excercise even if it's a simple walk. Get blood and oxygen to flow and detox your mind

- avoid news and advertising They use fear to generate an emotional reaction

- limit social media Don't fall into a trap of comparing yourself with others

- practice mindful meditations and relaxation meditations/self hypnosis. Lots of YouTube videos or podcasts

- declutter and live simply. Consumption and collecting things will not bring happiness

- volunteer, mentor, contribute and be a part of the solution Get out of the self and help others

- let go of perfection

- make a gratitude list

- accept things as they are, not how you want them to be. That is the key to ending suffering.

- Laugh.... watch a comedy movie or Stand up comedian. Celebrate life

Good luck ✌️


These are great! Thank you so much!

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The best stress reducers for me are

1- Having people around me who are good listeners, especially when I need to talk about the truth regarding some of the jacked up garbage happening in our society, and the solutions based in simple "love thy neigbor" type principles.

2- Getting out of my own head by being that same good listener for others.

3- Being willing to keep a sense of humor during either of those two types of exchanges.

4- Looking for a minimum of 3 oportunities to say thank you to someone or help another person for every one time I have to confront someone with a complaint. Saying thank you has to be a genuine thanks, but if I am being aware of how important that is, I always find the opportunity.

5- Writing a list of 50 things I am grateful for, and keeping it around on an index card or similar. Heck, I can be grateful that I have a toothbrush that is new and in serviceable condition, because if I didn't, trust me, I WOULD be the opposite of grateful for that! So, a list of 50 things I am grateful for is not in any way a monumental task.

Meeasy really hit upon these same points, but they do bear repeating. Imagining the fleas from 1,000 camels infesting the arm-pits of the people that have caused me the most grief also kinda makes me smile. :P


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