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Hello fellow Anxious friends

Have been dealing with anxiety for over a decade. At times I have gone over 2yrs without an anxiety attack but they have just gotten out of control since I moved to TX from South FL. Now have turned into full blown panic attacks and just last night spent 4hrs at the ER (all test results ok) after starting Lexapro which was my 5th day but was not told to taper off Clonaxepam instead of stopping it cold turkey after taking it daily the last 3wks. I started to see a therapist 2wks ago. I’m in here typing now because a while ago I got a panic attack as I was falling asleep and jumped off the bed in fear and dizzy. Anyone else going thru or have gone thru something similar?

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I know what you are going through. My meds worked for a long time, many months actually. For the past four to five months, there have been alot of stressful, negative things happening. Marital strife, death of a close family member, loss of a close friend. It all happened so close together that I am now unable to calm down. I am having multiple panic attacks a day and cannot stop the feeling that something else bad is going to happen. I am so distraught at times that I shake. I cannot believe how over-whelmed my body has become. It is almost impossible to sleep or eat and I lost twenty pounds in one month from the stress. I want my old self back and am struggling to force myself to calm down and not worry but my fear and anxiety have taken over.


Sorry to hear about the losses in your life. Must be very difficult to cope. Several episodes per day and weight loss and no sleep? OMG

Since I started Lexapro (which I already stopped after the visit to the ER yesterday) I haven’t been able to sleep. This is awful and so unhealthy. Need to find a way to get some 💤

I have started to listen to gospel, classical and meditation music along with praying much more than I was used to. It helps. Give it a try. Hope you can find some relief soon. 🙂


I will absolutely follow your recommendations. Prayer is very powerful. I have started meditations and reading the Bible much more frequently. Yesterday, I read some very healthful information about naturally raising my serotonin (a feel-good hormone in our bodies) levels and how L-tryptophan helps this happen. Some foods are rich in tryptophan (eggs, yogurt, chocolate, cottage cheese, poultry, red meat and oats, to name a few). Also exposure to bright light, in particular sun-light and exercise are supposed to help. I am doing all I can and won't give up. I know there is a way beyond the prescriptions from the doctor and I am determined to be well ( and calm) again. Thank you very, very much.


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