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hi ladies and gents, lately I have been suffering thru depression and anxiety and paranoia. I was diagnosed with Depressive Bipolar Disorder and General and social Anxiety/Panic Attack Disorder it sucks to live threw this everyday I can't hardly stand it but I'm a strong person. someone please tell me how to get out of this rut?

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It's different for everyone but talking to your doctor about some steps to help you would be a good place to start. It sounds like from your post you may have done that already.

For me it's difficult but I have been feeling better lately. I post a lot on here. I read books sometimes. I have been working out more. Trying to find a hobby that is productive that I enjoy. I would like to stay eating healthier to but that I'm picky and it's been a slow process. Keep us updated on how you are doing!

thank you so much that does sound much better. we will see I love singing karaoke at the bar that's what makes me happy. how did you start feeling better?

I'm still working on it. It's been long for me. I'm still finding things I enjoy. I'm a pretty lonely person so I have been trying not to isolate myself anymore.

I think I will start enjoying life again soon though. Just takes some time.

Karaoke does sound fun. I turn 21 in a month so I will try going.

yeah I have been isolating myself in my room lately that's cuz I feel unwanted here by my husband's family it's crazy

Do they no you are going through some pain? Do you have a solid support system you feel like? Does your husband know about these feelings? What about your side of the family? Are you close to any of them?


i try to talk to my husband about my feelings and he just ain't taking me serious but now he is starting to realize he finally said we have to move away from here this place is destroying us and me completely

That's good that he is realizing now that is is more serious :) hope everything gets better for you!

thank you so much what's your name?

Matt, what's yours?

Read it in your bio, nice to meet you!

nice to meet you too!!

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Welcome to the forum! Hopefully you find this site informative, and also get some help along the way.

Say how you feel when you feel it, speak to people who understand. Be with people that make you feel safe. That's all you can do. That's all that helps me anyway. Feel free to message if you wanna talk

When you were diagnosed, what did your doctor suggest for treatment? Those are real illnesses and the symptoms you are suffering from are also real. You need a good treatment plan. But you're also getting really good advice here from people who care. Try to take as good care of yourself right now as if you had the flu and needed lots of TLC. Writing your feelings down, talking to people here, looking for a support group are some things you can do that don't involve support from your husband or his family. Maybe the less you expect from them right now, the better, until you get your bearings a bit.

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